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10 Free Yoga Classes and Videos for Dealing with Back Pain

10 Free Yoga Classes and Videos for Dealing with Back Pain

Free Yoga Classes and Videos for Dealing with Back Pain

Behold, fellow back pain sufferers! Are you tired of scouring the depths of the internet for Yoga classes and videos that can help alleviate your chronic discomfort? Look no further! We have scoured the vast expanse of YouTube and curated a list of 10 Yoga classes tailored towards addressing back pain.

Our selection includes classes ranging from gentle stretches to advanced postures, these videos cater to all levels of experience and are designed to provide relief and restore proper alignment.

In these classes and videos, you will be guided through a series of movements and postures that target the muscles of your lower ad upper back, and can be effective if you supper from sciatica or any nerve pain.

We understand that the overwhelming amount of content available on YouTube can be intimidating, which is why we’ve taken the time to curate this list for you. Our selections are designed to provide the best possible guidance and support on your journey towards healing.

So, whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, take a chance on our 10 Free Yoga Classes and Videos on YouTube for Back Pain. They are the perfect starting point for anyone looking to alleviate their pain and find relief. Let’s get started on this transformative journey together!

Tips for people who have back pain: Things to be aware of before you get started with an online yoga Class

While yoga can be a tremendous boon for anyone suffering from back pain, without knowing what you are doing it can also do more damage. I have a long history of suffering from lower back and joint pain and while yoga did and still does help me when there is inflammation, it should only be done together within a broader wellness treatment in order to effectively address the underlying issues.

If you do not have any background, please consult someone who does before you get started. With that said, let’s continue.

  1. Seek professional advice: Before starting any new exercise regimen, consult with your healthcare provider or professional if you have a history of back pain. They will be able to provide insight into any underlying conditions or injuries that may impact your ability to practice yoga safely.
  2. Choose the right class: Look for classes that are specifically tailored towards addressing back pain, and avoid classes that are high-intensity or physically demanding. Go slow!
  3. Take it slow: Remember, Yoga is not a competition. It is important to move at your own pace and avoid pushing yourself beyond your limits. This is especially true if you are new to yoga or have back pain. All it can take is one movement done improperly to knock things out of place.
  4. Focus on proper alignment: Proper alignment is crucial in preventing injuries and promoting healing. Pay close attention to your form during each pose, and don’t be afraid to ask your instructor for guidance.
  5. Be mindful of your breath: Breathing can help relieve stress and tension that contribute to back pain. Be sure to focus on your breath throughout your practice, and don’t hold your breath during poses.

1. Boho Beautiful Yoga – Back Pain & Sciatica Relief

This is a 30-minute gentle yoga class designed for those experiencing back pain, sciatica, or lower body soreness. It uses yoga postures and therapeutic exercises to stimulate back muscles and stretch glutes and hamstrings.

It’s beneficial for those with bulging disks or disk herniation. The focus is on listening to your body and practicing daily for best results, while promoting mindful movement, stillness, and healing.

2. Yoga With Adriene – Yoga For Lower Back Pain

Adriene guides you through a yoga sequence aimed at relieving lower back pain and promoting healing and prevention. The sequence provides tools for self-care and should be practiced regularly.

Adriene suggests following up the sequence with a gentle cobra stretch or bridge pose and reminds practitioners to always listen to their bodies and do what feels good for them.

3. PsycheTruth – Yoga Stretches for Back Pain Relief, Sciatica, Neck Pain

This is a beginner-level at-home yoga class instructed by Jen Hilman. The class focuses on stretches aimed at relieving back pain, neck pain, and sciatica while also increasing flexibility and strengthening the back.

The yoga poses are suitable for both men and women and are beginner-friendly.

4. YouAligned – Yin Yoga Class for Back Pain & Back Stiffness with Kassandra Reinhardt

This is a 45-minute Yin Yoga class focusing on the spine, instructed by Kassandra Reinhardt as part of a 6-class bundle. It aims to relieve stiffness, release knots, and improve spinal mobility.

5. Shilpa Shetty Kundra – 10 Min Yoga for Back Pain Relief

This 10-Minute Yoga for Back Pain Relief program is designed to alleviate back pain by strengthening and stretching the back muscles and is suitable for those aged 50 and above. Those suffering from back issues should consult a doctor before practicing.

Back pain and stiffness are common issues caused by weak core, poor posture, as well as long hours of sitting. If you have any of these ailments then this class might just be right for you!

6. Yoga with Melissa – Chair Yoga Class for Back Care with Sherry Zak Morris

Sherry Zak Morris offers chair yoga to help people with back pain, injury or those wanting to maintain back health. She provides safe and effective movements to support the spine and its structures.

Sherry created a chair yoga class that’s accessible and effective for those with back issues. Check out YogaVista.TV for more chair yoga videos and Melissa’s Yoga Nidra for Sleep on the YogaJP YouTube channel.

7. AskDoctorJo – Back Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches

This is a sequence of stretches and exercises that can be done while lying on your back.

It includes pelvic tilts, bridges, single and double knee-to-chest stretches, gentle trunk rotations, prayer stretch, and a combination move of plank to upward dog to downward dog. The instructions emphasize breathing and slow, controlled movements.

8. Yoga Dose – Yoga For Back Pain – 20 Minute Stretch, Sciatica Pain, & Flexibility

This video is about relieving back pain through conscious movement and specific stretches. It recommends a helpful video for those experiencing back pain or knowing someone who does.

By practicing these techniques, individuals may improve spinal health and reduce discomfort.

9. Pregnancy and Postpartum TV – Prenatal Yoga For Sciatica And Back Pain

This is a prenatal yoga class aimed at alleviating sciatica and low back pain. It is a follow-up video to a popular pregnancy yoga video for the same purpose.

It is important to consult with a doctor before starting this or any exercise routine and to only do exercises that feel safe. Personal responsibility for safety is emphasized.

10. The Yoga Institute – Top 4 Easy Yoga poses for Back Pain

This video highlights the tendency of people to neglect their backs in their daily lives, and suggests that strengthening the back muscles is important.

Smt. Hansaji, who is the Director of The Yoga Institute, provides guidance on the postures that can help achieve this goal.

We hope you enjoyed the videos. Go slow and take it easy!

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