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We are made of Energy, not Matter

We are made of Energy, not Matter

We are made out of energy, not matter. However, this is not something new. The ancient yogis and rishis in India knew this thousands of years ago.

Several thousands of years ago, the rishis of India, state that everything is energy in the Vedas, the very thing that science has denied for the last 100 years. Socrates also mentions the fact that the Universe is pure matter.

Since the indoctrination of Newtonian physics – the theory that there is only matter – we have become stuck for hundreds of years in the idea that the whole of the universe is a machine made of matter.

Most of science is still stuck in this Newtonian vision, even though there are attempts to move beyond.

The advent of quantum physics in the 20th century has helped, but still has not been able to shift the cultural mindset – and so still to this day, we are stuck in an antiquated view of who we are.

We are made of energy, not Matter

Quantum physics may not have had as much of a profound impact on the cultural mindset, likely because its implications are to far-reaching that it would disrupt nearly every scientific field out there.

Quantum physics posits, as you explore the nature of an atom, you begin to see that there is nothing actually there – only waves of energy. The theory states that an atom, (or matter) is really an invisible force field emitting electrical energy waves.

All of us are made up of atoms. These atoms are always releasing and taking in light and energy. It doesn’t stop, even when we’re asleep. The cells located throughout our body have the atoms aligned in a way that there is a positive voltage on the inside and a negative voltage on the outside.

This pretty much makes every cell act like its own little battery, with each cell having 1.4 volts of energy. Although it is not much, if you multiply by the number of cells in your body (approx 50 trillion) and what you get is a total voltage of 700 trillion volts! Now that’s a lot of volts coursing through your body.


There are many words for this energy that various cultures have used. Prana, chi, qi, life force all point to this same element.

As we established before, each atom has its own energy, which means that each cell has its own distinct vibration.

Quantum physics studies when atoms collide, which means they are looking at the energetic influence. What they noticed is that when two atomic waves meet, they do one of three things: meet in sync, generating a constructive or harmonic effect; or meet out of synch, resulting in a destructive impact, creating the third result which cancel each other out.

If you drop two pebbles into water at the same time they will both produce the same wave ripples. Meaning their waves will be in harmony with each other, and when the ripples meet the effect is a greater and more powerful wavelength when they are combined.

As we are all created of atomic energy waves, as was stated by quantum physicists, and since it is impossible to separate waves, as they are not particles of matter, our energetic waves are always meeting, bumping and getting entangled with each other.

What this means is that there is a field in which we are all interacting with each other. And it is there that we are all connected.

Good Vibes and Bad Vibes

Dr. Lipton, does a significant amount of research in this field and says the result of such invisible meetings is what we would call ‘good vibes’ and ‘bad vibes’, which depds on whether the other waves we meet are in sync with us or out of sync.

We all probably have had the experience of being around someone that felt they were giving off ‘bad vibes’.

The cells that make up our bodies know instinctively what is happening.

Our cells know one from the other. Dr. Lipton illustrates this in his experiment he conducted with cells in Petri dishes. He saw that our cells reacted depending on what was put near it. What happened was that the cells actually moved away from toxic stuff – and moved towards the good stuff.

What this shows is that there is an intelligence that reacts intuitively.

Now this is not just a one-off fluke. Dr. Lipton has since devoted his life to investigating these findings.

In fact, this is not just a human thing, but can be found across nature. In the documentary Secret Life of Plants, researchers found this same sort of intelligence.

Plants have a similar form of communication and react to impulses placed in their environment.

This showed that communication happens all around us on a subtler field through wave-like vibrations.

Society has conditioned us to only listen to our thoughts, so we never really learn to develop any other capacity to perceive and understand the world around us.

We should have the same ability to sense energy as plants and animals do, shouldn’t we? If we are just as they are – energy.

The problem is that we have not been taught how.


The Modern Problem

If indeed the rest of modern science is now coming to the same conclusion – that there is no such thing as matter and all is energy, then we need another paradigm in which to understand.

As quantum mechanics and string theory point out – the closer we get to something, the more un-solid it becomes.

If we accept that, then we can see how something that was once thought to be very solid might now have the potential to be something else.

The possibility that there is a non-solidity of things, buys into the whole pure energy theory.

Nonetheless, science continues to try and find matter all the way down, in hopes that they find singularity – the God Particle.

When you split atoms, what you get is energy, and when you get down to the molecular level, they start to act differently. What was once a particle seems to act like a wave.

If matter and energy are not two, how can religion and science then be two?

The separation that we have between science and religion is dependent on the separation that we have believed existed between matter and consciousness.

If we have found that actually energy alone exists. Then why are we stuck on division?

You can talk about the language of matter and call it science, or you can talk about the language of energy and call it religion, but both ultimately come upon the fundamental truth – that energy alone exists.

If we want to heal the rift, then we must understand that there is no matter, only energy. Once we do that, we can see how everything is connected.

We are all made of energy, and so is everything else in the Universe. We are all connected through this field.

And when we realize this even intellectually – then perhaps we can start to work together in fields of exploration that are integral instead of in division.

This understanding has profound implications for how we see ourselves and our place in the Universe.

The Solution

So, what is the fundamental difference between science and religon?

The answer lies in the level of perception.

Religion has traditionally been about trying to get us to see from a different level – from the inside out.

On the other hand, science has looked at things from the outside in.

Now that we know that all is energy, it might be time for a new religion – one that can help us see things from the inside out again.

One that would allow us to connect with our true nature – which is energy.

In order to do this, we need to learn how to access this energy field. And this can be done through meditation.

Meditation is not just sitting around doing nothing. It is an active process of turning our attention inwards, so that we can connect with our true nature – which is energy.

When we do this, we start to see the world around us in a new way. We start to see that everything is connected.

We see that there is no separation between us and the world around us. We are all made of the same thing – energy.

And when we understand this, we can start to work with it. We can start to create our reality, instead of being controlled by it.

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