Yoga Flexibility Class

In this yoga flexibility class Dylan Werner focuses on improving Hip flexibility by opening the up the hip flexors with some basic yoga poses and yoga flows.

With these Flexibility Yoga classes, you will realize your body’s full potential by unlocking your true flexibility. Each of the five practices focus on a different part of the body, working to release tension and vastly improve your range of motion, regardless of your physical activity. You will learn use your whole muscle instead of just a fraction of it so that you’re not hindered by tightness, resistance, or poor mobility. This flexibility plan will help you gain complete access to your strength by opening up your body through yin and yang-style stretching, dynamic stretches, static strength holds, and more.

Also included is a Pranayama Meditation, which might be one of the most important videos Dylan has ever made. Breathing is essential for movement. When you learn proper breathing and meditation, your body and mind join forces, further amplifying your strength.