Warm Up Yoga for Runners

Categories: Runners

Adriene shares a Yoga For Runners Warm Up Sequence. This yoga practice is suitable for all levels and designed to inspire you to check in and create a full body warm up experience before your run. You can practice this before a walk, jog or run or you can practice this as you prepare for a running program or future runs!

While running is a very good cardiovascular exercise, it is important to take the time to warm up very well your body so as to improve your endurance, avoid injuries and muscles soreness afterwards. In this 16-minute video, Adrienne goes through a series of exercises to stretch and warm-up the whole body. Indeed she uses simple balancing poses, forward bends or seating positions to work on the legs, core, arm and back muscles. Detailed explanations are provided in order to guide practitioners of all levels and create a “full body experience”. Apart from running, this video is also recommended before jogging or taking a long walk.