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Location: 1300 Cooks Main Road, Silver City, New Mexico, 86515.


Once the spherical shape of the 20/20 Protocol eyes is altered it leads to improper transmission of the light rays. The 20/20 Protocol rays do not fall on the retina which gives a blurred vision to the individual. You can prevent this by relaxing the eye muscles and get better eyesight without glasses. It was Dr William Bates who researched on this topic and brought out methods to gain better eyesight without glasses. He concluded that all the vision problems are caused mainly due to the excessive stress and strain placed on them by the individual.

Contact lenses and glasses in the long run decrease the eyesight of the people. The 20/20 Protocol strength of eye muscles is diminished and your eyes become dependent on these lenses. It is your duty to protect your eyes by exercising it regularly. Eyes have got immense healing abilities and if you perform the simple exercises daily it will return back to its normal state. Better eyesight without glasses is the end product of all these efforts.