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Location: 1300 Cooks Main Road, Silver City, New Mexico, 86515.

Sleep Wave Supplement Use a sleep apnea pillow. Sleep apnea pillows are designed to help align the neck and spine to maximize the airflow in the upper respiratory system. They’re not the cheapest solution, but compared to using a CPAP, they might be worth the price.

Improve consistency and amount of sleep. Going to bed at widely varying times as well as cutting yourself short on hours of sleep wreaks havoc on your body. Try getting yourself in a routine that works well for you on weekdays as well as the weekend and chances are you’ll see some positive results.

Avoid drugs, alcohol, and caffeine before bed. Any substance that acts as a depressant (i.e. alcohol, sedatives,) or as a stimulant will only worsen your condition. If you must, make sure you imbibe at least 4 hours before bedtime to give your body a chance to work through it.

Eliminate allergies in your bedroom. Allergies have a pesky habit of narrowing down our airways. As a result their elimination or reduction is a necessity. A small investment in an allergen reducing device could help your sleep immensely.