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About Me

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Lorena Ulloa Mayorga

I am a yoga...


My Inspirational Quote

Be the light and spread the light

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Luanda, Angola

About Me

In 2007, I was living in Libya. My first move, my first years of marriage. The intention was to work in the career I had studied. Things were not happening as fast as I wanted; I was invited to a yoga class, and I accepted just to not say “no”, even though I really thought yoga was not for me. On one hand, exercise was not my strong suit and on the other, it seemed very passive. Anyway, I went and my life changed. During that class I felt a wonderful connection with something inside of me; I felt peace, calm and understood that by focusing on my present I could live fully. That it was my decision and responsibility to open my arms to a new world and let go of the past.


Years passed, my practice became part of my daily life. I kept moving to new countries, and in 2010 I decided that being a yoga teacher would be a great way to fully live my expat life. I got certified and since then I have been teaching yoga.


I have lived and taught in, Mérida (Mexico), Washington DC and Montgomery Al, United States; São Paulo, Brazil, and Luanda, Angola. I have practiced Sivananda, Integral, Power, Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga.


I have two children, I practice yoga daily. I practiced during my pregnancies and had natural deliveries thanks to meditation and mindful breathing. I have been able to create wonderful communities and meet lovely people in every country where I have lived and taught. My biggest inspiration is to see the faces of my students after Savasana. It motivates me that more and more people in the world know yoga and through practice reconnect with their own essence, and inner strength.


Every day allow yourself to be happy.


Feel the practices and stay with what resonates with you. I invite you to find that which connects you with your own peace and calmness.