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1300 Cooks Main Road, Silver City, New Mexico, 86515.

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Interest: Health Care
Occupation: Health Advisor
Location: 1300 Cooks Main Road, Silver City, New Mexico, 86515.
Almost all religions have modernized and changed somewhat to keep up the tmes. The Mormons are often criticized for their outlook because they are very conservative and they are not ones to make quick changes. It is believed those changes are slowly beginning to take place such as the place of the black individual being able to be part of the priesthood.

Although this took many years to come in fact they are striving to keep their congregation together and to keep their religion alive and this may be one of the reasons why they are starting to making more changes than what they would like. Albeit as we mentioned they are very small and it is most difficult for the leaders of the church to remain conservative and yet keep their gathering happy.