Lower Back Pain Relief

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This sequence targets lower back pain, and is conducted in an injury-prevention healing mode. Gentle backbends and soothing forward bends, coupled with decompressing twists and subtle inversions provide a varied spectrum of spinal extensions and contractions that lengthen the lumbar spine area and open the thorax and cervical spine. The sequence works on all planes: coronal, medial, frontal and transverse and provides structural integration by realigning the spinal column with the crown of the head and the tailbone. A strong core focus helps build up the oblique and transverse abdominals, while alleviating potential disk discomfort, and in turn increases the space between the vertebrae, lubricating the natural cushioning of the spine. The change of levels, planes, angles and directions affords a very innovative experience, where you can explore back relievers through varied positions and transitions. This Yoga-Pilates blend is accessible to all and will give you creative ideas to compose your own daily spinal health regimen. At the end of this practice you will feel suppler, taller and aligned with the Earthly vortex and the cosmic flow.