Kundalini Live – Naomi Charanpal

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Step 1: “The Keep Up Spirit”

(1) Archer Pose increases one’s radiance, aligns our will with our destiny, promotes a grounded, inner strength.

(2) Pranayam for the Parasympathetic Nervous System creates balance, calm nerves, and the strength to handle challenging situations.

(3) Kriya for the “Keep Up Spirit” is designed to increase radiance. When our radiant body is nurtured, we have an indomitable strength of spirit, despite any setbacks, obstacles or challenges. Our skin glows, our eyes sparkle, and our projection is effective and directed. This kriya also stretches the sciatic nerve, enhances the aura, and increases flexibility.
Kundalini Live is a weekly practice to energize the body, elevate the spirit and expand consciousness. Create resiliency, vitality and grace as a student. These are real classes with real off the street students and real teachers who live the life being shared. Experience for yourself how this time honored yoga focuses your power through your heart center to elevate consciousness. This is student supported yoga. Live class at kundalinilive.com Wednesdays at 7pm PST. This global live yoga is free. Students receive classes in HD and on-demand. See you in class!