Kapalabhati & Anuloma Viloma – Pranayama Yoga Breathing

In this class Aruna and Sukadev will guide you through the two basic pranayamas – Yogic breathing techniques: Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma.

Kapalabhati is a great pranayama, helpful in training your diaphragm muscles and preparing you for more advanced exercises. It is also a powerful kriya – cleansing practice. Through a series of vigorous exhalations you will clean your air passages, which makes it a great pranayama for allergy.

Anuloma Viloma is an alternate nostril breathing pranayama. It balances the two main Nadis – energetical channels of Ida and Pingala.

With Sukadev guidance and Aruna’s presentation, you will easily learn these basic pranayamas to incorporate them in your daily practice!

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