Deep Hip Flexor Stretching

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This is an intermediate to advanced level vinyasa Power yoga by Ali Kamenova which includes deep hip flexor stretching, hip openers and long shavasana relaxation.

You will need a chair for an elevated feet plank knee tuck exercise
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  1. Wavatar sally says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your videos. I do three or four of your yoga sessions a week after work and putting the children to bed and feel re-energized by the flow of your routines and your spirituality (which carries trhrough into the next day when I can be calmer and more patient). I really liked the meditation at the end of this routine. I am a bit worried because finally someting inside has clicked and I can do arm balances but at the same time my left wrist is aching. Any advice apart from a bit of rest (which I don’t want to do but a trying to listen to my body?!)

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