After Cardio Workout

This is a vinyasa flow yoga sequence that’s ideal to do after a cardio workout. So if you jogged, ran, biked, or walked a lot, flow through this practice in which we’ll relax, replenish and refresh all the areas of your body that get torn up from intense cardio.

Cooling down the body after a cardiovascular workout is an important process that is too often overlooked or neglected. In this video, Brett Larkin will guide you through the process using a 55 minute gentle vinyasa sequence. Breathing exercises connected with simple postures will help you soothe progressively your overused muscles and relax all your body parts. Twists, backbends, forward bends and stretching exercises are on the agenda. No need to push yourself too hard though. Just take it easy and allow your body to recover slowly from the intense workout. Suitable for all levels.