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A yoga enthusiast that has been practicing on a regular basis and desires to share their love of yoga with others may feel confident that yoga alliancethey are able to become a yoga teacher. Even if a person isn’t interested in become a teacher, they may have interest in joining a training course to further deepen their yoga knowledge. This is where the Yoga Alliance comes in. It is a program that is intended to increase the practicing base of alignment, philosophy, anatomy and sequencing associated with all forms of yoga. YogaAlliance is recognized nationally and internationally. Yoga alliance offers two forms of certification, the two hundred hour program and the five hundred hour program.

The Mission Of Yoga Alliance

Yoga alliance is a organization created for the support and education of yoga teachers and students. The original alliance is based in the United States. The Alliance strives to assure there is a good understanding in the public view regarding the true benefits of yoga. It also strives to assure that all teachers that are certified honestly hold the traditions and history dear to their hearts. This allows for consistence regardless of location or studio in which yoga is practiced.

Formed in 1999 through a merger of Ad Hoc Yoga Alliance and Unity in Yoga, both formerly two volunteers groups; Yoga alliance assures that there is a minimum of educational and practical standards for every certified yoga teacher.  Yoga alliance also seeks to encourage a high amount of sensitive and respect for each and every style of yoga. YogaAlliancekeeps a register of all schools that have met the 200 and 500 hour requirements to obtain certification. In some cases, there are schools and studios which far exceed the minimums and are eligible to be considered a RYS.

What Does Yoga Alliance Do For The Yoga Community?

Yoga alliance does a lot for teachers, students and the surrounding community. As a studio or yoga teacher, you gain verifiable credibility.  YogaAllianceis considered the authority when it comes to yoga professional’s educations and certification. The global registry allows students, ashrams or any other interested party to verify the training and knowledge a teacher may have listed.  While looking to offer services at a studio, the owners are reassured that you have met the national standard of training and basic education. Students also are assured that the yoga training they receive in class is provided by a trusted and qualified yoga teacher.

Additional Benefits For Yoga Alliance Members

Yoga teachers and studio owners are able to increase their community presence via the Yoga Alliance website. Each certified studio along with individual certified teachers is allowed to have their contact information displayed on theAlliance’s website. Inquiring students are able to locate teachers and studios by location, teaching style or even the designation. YogaAlliancehosts a conference annually for all of the teachers and other registered individuals. This conference allows the members to get together and share their knowledge, business strategies, teaching strategies and much more.

Staying Connected with Yoga Alliance

Along with registration, there is a space dedicated for each designation of registered teacher to learn more about yoga. Connecting with other teachers both in theUSand worldwide allows for in depth participation in forums that will shape the future of yoga today and far into the future.  The platform is secure and protected via password, so sensitive information is always secure.

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