Yoga Teacher: Teach Your Passion

When you have a passion or a drive for a particular study, you are more than likely to excel. Yoga is a great exercise routine that enables people everywhere to feel strengthened, lose weight, and become at peace within. The different poses and meditation process are a fad that is catching on daily across the world. If you’ve been thinking of taking your love of this exercise to a new level, then it’s possible that you could become a yoga teacher. Teaching your craft or passion to others can be a great way to accumulate income weather on a full or part time basis. There are several steps you will need to take, including taking yoga teacher training courses.

Is Yoga Teaching for You?

As with any job you take it is important to decide if teaching yoga is something you want to do. Though yoga can be a great pastime or hobby that you  Yoga Teacher: Teach Your Passion have come to love in your life, teaching can take it to another level. Instructors must have the time, patience, and dedication in order to have a successful class. Another important fact to remember is that often times yoga instructors do not generate a lot of income and often times do not have the benefits packages that often come with other jobs.

Training Classes

To become a certified or registered yoga teacher you will have to take yoga teacher training classes. The programs typically have a set of criteria that you as an instructor should already have. One of the main and usually universal requirements is that you have taken yoga and are familiar with many of the stances and positions to be carried out.

Become Registered

Many gyms and yoga facilities will require you to be a registered yoga instructor. When preparing to take your yoga teacher training, be sure to check the validity of the program. Programs that offer yoga teacher training are supposed to be listed with the Yoga Alliance. You can opt to take a 200 hour course or a 500 hour course. Most yoga facilities will have a mandatory requirement of at least a successful 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

Completing the Course 

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate. This certification enables you to teach yoga to a group of students. The yoga teacher training certification will let others know that you are aware of all the yoga poses and able to perform them, you are aware of how yoga affects the human body, philosophy, sequencings, and alignment. You are then able to take your certification to a participating gym or facility and apply for openings or suggest a yoga class.

Once you have completed the process of searching for and completing your yoga teacher trainings, the rest will fall into place. Searching for jobs can be difficult; however once you have found the appropriate gym the yoga lovers will join your classes as they are offered. This can be a great way to meet lots of new people, and teach them to be just as passionate about yoga as you are!


photo credit: lululemon