Yoga Poses That Stimulate Fat Burning

Yoga is one of the most ancient and effective physical fitness practices known to mankind. Having its genesis in India, it soon became one of the most balanced yet challenging ways to attain fitness. Practicing yoga comes with both mental and physical benefits. Many people do not take yoga seriously as a weight loss tool. Yes, yoga is practiced by many individuals for stress relief, flexibility enhancement, greater body balance, muscle stretching and so on. However, it can also be a serious weight loss tool.

How Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Yoga does not burn a similar amount of calories as cardiovascular exercises like running, playing a sport or even dancing. However, it does help you tone up and shed extra pounds in good time along with positively influencing your mental desire for staying in shape and losing weight. If practiced properly, yoga can give you a full body workout in very little time. There are a plethora of poses that may spark weight loss and muscle toning. Yoga helps you lose weight even more effectively by helping you combat all negative ideas and perceptions regarding your diet and other issues. The combination of mental awareness and physical exertion generated by yogic poses sparks weight loss as per major fitness experts and yoga practitioners.

Yoga is an entire lifestyle, a philosophy in itself, practice that encourages you to stay healthier and fitter. The physical challenges and exertions involved in mastering yoga poses is enough to get you shedding pounds with elan. There are multiple other health benefits apart from weight loss such as better digestion, muscle toning, strengthening, thyroid gland improvements and abdominal organ stimulation.

Some of The Best Yoga Poses for Fat Burning

Fat burning requires you to perform yoga poses like the ones mentioned below. These poses stimulate your metabolism and help you shed those extra pounds with regular time and effort:

Yogic Twists

Poses which make use of twists, help with regard to spinal alignment and work on the abdominal region. These include the Twisted Lunge or even the Prayer Twist which are immensely effective for a metabolism boost and enhanced energy flow to the body.

Arm Flaps

These are effective with regard to producing increased heat and boosting metabolic functions almost instantly.


These include poses like the wheel pose or the bridge pose which rapidly speed up body capabilities with regard to fat burning in addition to opening up the anterior spine and lungs and enhancing oxygen exchange.


These include the handstands and headstands poses which flush out body toxins and stimulate weight loss by bringing blood to the brain and clearing lymph nodes.

The Plow Pose

This pose is good for abdominal stimulation and toning along with being beneficial for the shoulders, thyroid gland and spine.

Shoulder Stands

This pose tones up your buttocks, hip region and legs. It also works on the abdominal region, thyroid gland and prostate gland.

Poses That Stimulate The Thyroid Gland

These poses include the rabbit pose and the camel pose along with the bridge and plow pose. These poses spark weight loss and set hormonal imbalances right.


This yoga pose will help you stay committed to your weight loss regime and calmly stick to your daily fitness routine.

Final Words

The above poses can be practiced conveniently at home to experience weight loss. If your focus is mainly on weight loss, it is also essential that you incorporate a right diet. You can include foods that offer flexibility to perform exercises in your diet.

Even acclaimed weight loss programs emphasize the importance of following a proper workout every day to complement your weight loss effort. For instance, Nutrisystem insists its dieters to incorporate a 30-minute workout everyday along with following their diet plans that supply nutritionally balanced diet meals. They also provide workout DVDs so that the dieters can easily follow the workouts at the comfort of their home. All the above mentioned poses can also accompany a balanced diet to experience successful weight loss.

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