Best Yoga Poses For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a delicate time for both mother and baby. The female body undergoes a host of changes that are not always comfortable. Practicing yoga poses for pregnancy has a positive effect on not only the physical changes in the body but also helps the mother gain a certain amount of mental relief as well. When practicing yoga poses while pregnant, it is important to take several steps to ensure the help of your and your baby. The main step is to opt for a yoga teacher who is trained in prenatal yoga poses. The prenatal yoga teacher will suggest various routines and yoga poses that target many common issues faced by mothers to be.

Tailors Yoga Pose

This is also called a cobblers pose. This is a great yoga pose to help open the pelvic bones and stretch the muscles in that region. Always assure to sit in a well grounded position on the mat. You can achieve this by pulling the soft flesh on your buttocks out slightly while sitting. Then place one rolled towel under each of your knees to avoid over extension. Sitting straight and placing your back on the wall will give you support regardless of what stage you are in. Assure that the bottom of your feet touch each other. Remain in this yoga pose for as long as is comfortable and then slowly pull your self up to change positions.

Pelvic Tilt Yoga Pose

Many mother experience back pain during their pregnancy, this prenatal yoga pose is a great way to help alleviate that pain. First, place yourself on your hands and knees. Assure that your knees are places a hips span apart. Place your hands, a shoulders length apart and avid locking your elbows. Slowing bring your but in and arch your back out while taking a deep breath in. As you breathe out, roll your back down to its original position. This can be repeated as opted as needed at a slow pace for increased comfort.

Yoga Poses and Squatting

Very experienced prenatal yoga teachers will suggest that their pregnant yoga students start the day with squats to relax the muscles,
strengthen the legs and open the pelvis. As you reach the later stages of pregnancy, props should be utilized to increase safety and comfort. While in this yoga pose, place you attention on allowing your breath to flow deep into your belly.

Start by standing behind a chair with your feet apart and your toes pointed out. Then flex your stomach muscles, relax your shoulders and lift your chest. Slower lower yourself towards the floor as if to sit. Keep the bulk of your height on your heels for proper grounding. While in the bottom position breath in, exhale while pushing yourself back to standing position.

Side-lying Yoga Pose

This prenatal yoga pose is great for those in the latest stages of pregnancy as well as the end of a regular routine. To start, lay down on any side placing your head on a blanket or your arm. If you have a body pillow, place it between your legs for support, if you don’t, a think rolled towel also works well. Then cycle through a series of yoga breathing exercises to help bring your system into better alignment.

Pregnancy Yoga and Safety

As with any exercise while pregnant, you should follow basic rules of safety. Don’t perform action that requires you to be in a flat position more than a few minutes at a time. Avoid head and shoulder stands, even if you are well versed in performing them. Forgoes also yoga poses that require deep ab and back bends, during pregnancy your muscles are much more elastic and as such, much easier to tear and strain.

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