Yoga or Gym, Which Way to Go?

In times like today when stress has become a part of our lives, fitness fads are fast picking up pace to deal with daily stress. Though there has been a big cut in the free time available, options in exercise have increased. The confusion here is the right choice to make. Which way to go – dance, yoga or gym? First of all, let’s change our outlook and look at them as allies and not rivals. As long as one has the time and stamina, one can do all of them.

Out of the three, gym and yoga are the more popular options. There’s an on-going debate whether going to the gym is better than yoga or not? Adding a few minutes of yoga to one’s gym workout routine can really work well but the strain factor cannot be ignored. Otherwise, yoga is an extremely powerful workout for both, ones’ body and mind. Yoga is intense and requires a lot of patience, control and balance. If one is dedicated to yoga practice, any other workout isn’t really required.

Greater Risk of Injury With Gym

Yoga and gym both have their own set of benefits but it’s up to the individual and what he or she needs for the body. The asanas or postures in yoga are gracefully controlled movements, while workouts in gym are more rigorous involving rapid movements. The forceful movements in gym workouts help increase the tension on one’s muscles, thus bulking them up and leading to quick weight loss, but there is also a greater risk of injury. With regular exercising, there are a few mistakes one tends to make. Most of the time, we don’t challenge the body enough, or we push it too much. Also, a lot of people while working out skip on the warming up and cooling down, which is an integral part of exercising and necessary to maximise workout benefits and avoiding injuries. Yoga involves the mentioned principles. Also, gym focuses only on the physical aspect while yoga teaches one – proper exercise, breathing techniques, relaxation, positive thinking and also about positive diet.

Yoga Helps in Relaxing

Stress has resulted in a lot of cases of weight gain, and in such cases when one tries to lose weight then the preferred option is yoga as it reduces the stress, which in turn reduces the appetite, resulting in consumption of lesser calories. Though gym workouts help in reducing stress, in some cases the strain is a bit too much, which again results in more food consumption. Yoga is also less tiring and helps in relaxing, while gym workouts drain a lot of energy causing exhaustion.

Everything has its pluses and minuses but with yoga, as mentioned before any other workout isn’t really required. In most cases, it doesn’t make sense toiling in the gym working on each part of the body separately when one can connect all of the dots and do it all at once with yoga. Yoga also doesn’t necessarily need equipment and can be done anywhere, but workout clothing is extremely essential for the best results. In today’s market, with the growing demand for yoga, there are a lot of yoga outfits available for women and men. Taking all into consideration, it does make a lot of sense to add yoga to one’s life.

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