Yoga Guiness World Records: Paradox or Inspiration?

The Yoga world was shaken on February 15th, 2015 with the announcement of a new Guiness World record. Indeed, Yogaraj C.P., a 29-year-old yoga instructor based in Hong Kong received the award of the “Longest Yoga Marathon (male)” by performing continuously more than 1500 asana in 40 hours. Yogaraj dedicated his award to the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, for playing an active role in the promotion of Yoga worldwide; especially with the establishment of the International Yoga Day on June 21st. Media around the world have relayed the news, and Mr Modi reciprocally congratulated Yogaraj on his Twitter page.

As a matter of fact, this marathon is an impressive demonstration of strength, flexibility and endurance that do deserve to be shared with the world. However, and in contrast, it is difficult to tune down this little voice questioning the true purpose of this award. Indeed, what was Yogaraj real goal behind such an ambitious challenge? If the Hong Kong based instructor happened to have motives such as fame and/or anything related to excessive pride, egotism & self-publicity, then well… as impressive as it can be, such award is not really aligned with the general principles taught in Yoga.

After a short discussion, Yogaraj C.P. explained that his actions had nothing to do with self-interest, but with the promotion of Yoga to the world. Actually, he was introduced to yoga at a very young age and dedicated his life to his practice since then. Indeed, the Indian teacher has already won several awards and is quite well-known in Hong Kong. His goal is to spread Yoga principles and wisdom around the world, and therefore encourage more people to practice and incorporate Yoga in their lifestyle. He hopes that his message, more than the award, will be relayed all over the world; and that the Yoga community will welcome many new practitioners every day.

In any case, there is something very important to learn from this story. Indeed, by setting clear goals and taking consistent action toward them, Yogaraj has managed to achieve a new record in the Yoga history, and most importantly brought his own practice to the next level.

Consequently, this gives us a good opportunity to reflect on our own practice. What are our goals? How far do we want to take our yoga practice? What do we want to achieve and what is our plan to go there? More importantly, which action(s) are we going to take TODAY?

Whether it is to open these tight hips, overcome a fear of being upside-down, strengthen these arm muscles or hold the tree pose for ten minutes, remember that consistent action is the key. Here at YOME, you can find a large range of high quality yoga videos for all levels and all tastes FOR FREE.

So no excuses anymore! Take out your yoga mat, find a quiet place and start practising TODAY!!.

The videos of the whole Yoga marathon can be found on Youtube .

Have a wonderful day ahead.