The Importance of Yoga Clothes

Yoga is a great method for relaxing and finding one’s self. One of the toughest things when starting a yoga class is what types of yoga clothes are you supposed to wear? Truth is, there may be several different requirements depending upon the type of yoga you take. Some forms of yoga are more vigorous and require that you dress in something of cotton fabric to absorb sweat. Other forms of yoga are done in heated rooms, meaning you may want to put less clothing on. What it all boils down to when choosing the right yoga clothes is comfort. No one wants to participate in a class that leaves them feeling uncomfortable. If you’re focused on your wardrobe malfunctions you are not getting the best benefits from the class. 

How To Choose Your Yoga ClothesThe Importance Of Yoga Clothes

First thing to do before purchasing some yoga clothing is to find out what suggestions or requirements your instructor may have. If you know what the teacher wants you to wear, then you are able to stay in line with the protocol to get the best experience you can. Typically during the first class, the instructor will explain to you the dos and don’ts of yoga clothing and may even hand out a sheet with acceptable attire.

Many yogis feel that they want to feel attractive when going out of the house to take a yoga class. Stepping out of the house in a baggy pair of shorts and a t shirt is not their idea of presentable. Sine yoga is about happiness, it is important to feel good about yourself while taking a class. Often times yoga clothes are designed to fit snug to the body, some like this because it allows them to show off their hard work. Also form fitting yoga clothes allow you and the instructor to view your poses in the mirrors to see if you are performing the poses properly.

The Various Styles Of Yoga Clothes

Yoga pants come in different styles. Some are cropped pants, and others are capris. Yoga pants are typically form fitting and will help your instructor during class to see your alignments. There are alternatives if you are not comfortable in tighter pants, such as wearing loose cotton pants that allowing for you to move freely and stay cool. Remembering that comfort is everything when choosing yoga clothes, always try them on and move around to see that you are comfortable with them before your purchase

Yoga shirts are usually created to allow movement, however not so loose that when you bend over they fall over your face. If you wear a t shirt it should stop at the top of your waist allowing you and the instructor to view poses. If you choose to wear sports bras for Bikram yoga make sure that it fits properly and gives the proper support as you move.

Yoga Clothes Suited For Different Styles Of Yoga

For more involved yoga such as Bikram or Ashtanga, you should choose fabrics that are breathable. You don’t want your skin to get clogged up with all the sweat and toxins that will be released from your body. There are yoga clothes especially designed to absorb the sweat while letting your skin breathe. The fabrics are chosen to best benefit the yogi.

There are hundreds of stores and online providers that sell yoga clothing at great prices. Yoga outfits can range in price from $20 – $100. Ideally, you want to purchase yoga clothes that are tight enough to stay on while you workout, yet loose enough to allow for free movement. There is nothing wrong with wanting to add fashion or personality to your yoga wardrobe, just be sure that what you choose is appropriate. Feeling good about how you look is part of finding happiness. Choose yoga clothes that suit your personality and style, but most importantly choose what is comfortable.