How Yoga Can Help Lower Cholesterol?

Lowering cholesterol levels in the body is one of the major health benefits of practicing yoga poses. High cholesterol is a condition in which the body has excess fats in the blood arteries. These fats fail to get burned by the body as a result of low physical exercise mainly attributed to inactive lifestyle. Yoga pose can help in reduction of the LDL cholesterol because it is tailored to achieve both mental and physical (muscle) relaxation. In addition, practicing yoga poses does not require special equipment or clothing and thus anyone who may have cholesterol problems, regardless of his or her body size can take up the simple yoga exercises and achieve substantial cholesterol reduction.

Yoga Poses for Lowering Cholesterol

Whether at home, office or even at a yoga class (gym), yoga practicing is simple and convenient for all levels of student. Yoga asanas assist in the relaxing and toning of muscles. Pranayama breathing formulas control body’s energy level and meditation, which is crucial in reducing anxiety and stress hormones assist in reducing cholesterol levels. This breathing technique is responsible for calming the nervous system. Having said this, it is important to note that to achieve desired low cholesterol levels; yoga should be done routinely. In fact, when practiced daily, substantial results can be felt only after eight to ten weeks!

Causes of High Cholesterol and How Yoga Can Help?

Our sedentary lifestyle and consumption of processed foods, besides smoking, high blood pressure, tension amongst others contribute to high levels of cholesterol. Apart from easing tension, yoga poses has also been found to help one lead a healthy lifestyle. For instance, when one has reduced tension, the eating habit improves. Your body takes what it optimally needs. Some cholesterol problems are linked to genetics, but overall it is poor eating habits and lack of regular exercise. Yoga is a great low impact way to get your health back on track and your cholesterol under control.

Yoga Poses to Reduce Stress and Lower Cholesterol

Stress reducing yoga poses such as the “ half moon ”ardha chandrasana can greatly reduce cholesterol levels in the body by improving the digestive system, when paired with developing healthy eating habits the overall reduction will continue to increase. In a nutshell, the body retains the content that it needs while releasing the unwanted toxic waste from the body.

Seated twist “ ardha masyendrasana ”– in which one sits in a stiff pose; twisting while inhaling and exhaling rhythmically, can greatly help in improving the digestive system and therefore increase the reduction cholesterol. However, this is yet to be scientifically proven but many yogis have testified an impressive reduction of cholesterol levels. For this to be effective, one needs to practice yoga with an almost empty stomach.

One of the other key advantages of yoga in respect to bad cholesterol reduction is that it, yoga poses practicing, achieves this goal naturally. The associated costs of procuring drugs are eliminated. In addition, the side effects risk of using such prescribed drugs is brought down to almost zero.  Yoga poses practicing can principally help one to drop his or her sedimentary lifestyle and adopt an active and healthy lifestyle which plays a critical role in cholesterol reduction. Many yoga practicing resources, instructors included, are of the view that practicing yoga poses in the morning session before having breakfast can reduce cholesterol significantly.