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YOME is an online channel dedicated to exposing and spreading the message of yoga throughout the world. To support its goals, YOME provides yoga instructors the tools and means with which to offer readers the benefit of their knowledge and experience. YOME offers its readers a selection of quality videos, categorized by age, gender, health issues and more. The videos are also divided by different yoga styles. In addition to our videos, YOME features a collection of professional articles, written by yoga teachers and industry professionals. Browse the articles here.

Want to publish an article about yoga but don’t have the time or mood to write?

YOME has the answer. During the following month, YOME offers yoga teachers its professional team of writers. Many teachers would like to publish relevant articles but are struggling to find the time and energy. Teachers who do publish quality material in relevant sites enjoy a more solid reputation and increase their chances of being approached by potential clients.

Interested in presenting articles, tips and yoga wisdom in your area of expertise to YOME’s circle of students? contact us to get professional help. Our team will write articles based on messages conveyed by you, articles that will bear your full contact information, including relevant links. Our readers will be exposed to your articles on YOME’s site, as well as on our list of social media channels such as: Facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn and Google plus.

We offer you this service at a reasonable cost for the next 30 days, as a non-profit gesture. We will send you the full pricing details following your email application.

To contact us:

If you are a yoga teacher ready to spread your message and get web exposure, contact us today on  To help us give you exact details and pricing concerning your article please provide us with the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Business name (if relevant)
  • Specialization
  • A link to your website (if relevant)
  • The message you would like to convey in the article, in a few short sentences


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