Unfolding Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga is a very popular form of yoga that started in the United States. This form is also gaining popularity in Asia as well as Europe. Unlike most forms of Yoga, this style originated in Texasin 1997. The name means flowing with grace.  This form has gained a vast amount of students and is currently found in over seventy countries. Anusara yoga is highly respected just like it’s Asian counterparts, so much so that it has captured the media attention. Although it is still rather new when compared with other forms of yoga such as vinyasa or bikram yoga, it has made itself a permanent place in the yoga world.

Aspects and Origins of Anusara Yoga

Anusara yoga was brought into existence by John Friend. The style follows the hatha yoga school of thought and its principals of basic alignment. In the US there are currently over 1,100 licensed Anusara yoga teachers with ten times that number undergoing skilled training. The community formed for Anusara yoga has a large web of networks that is highly organized. The community places a lot of value on creative freedom of its members along with their unique personalities. Each student or follower has an implicit alliance that  follows the philosophies and spiritual principals of Anusara. The beauty of truthfulness and diversity is highly praised. Creative freedom of the Divine beings is also highly honoured. Each yogi aspires to be aligned with true Grace. This alignment plays a very important role in each class, practice as well as the community as a whole.

Is Anusara Yoga More Suited To You?

Anusara yoga holds a philosophy of encouragement and uplifting thoughts. This is part of the idea of celebrating the heart and looking for the positive aspects in the people and things around you. These ideals are not only for the session but carried over into the student’s lifestyle thus effecting lasting positive change. Differences in experience and ability levels are praised for their differences and unique talents. By having a vision that embraces these variations, a very closely knit community of harmonious students and teachers. The school transforms from the basic teacher and student platform to more resemble a happy family of skilled Anusara yoga teachers and light hearted yoga students.

The Anusara Yoga Community and Its Values

Just like every yoga community, the Anusara yoga community’s harmony is maintained by following a strict set of ethical guidelines. All teachers that are licensed are obligated to follow these rules in order to maintain the validity of their teaching credentials. Being that the school is absent of a rigid form, it is continuously changing. Contestant self examination, receptivity, discovery and new ideas are encouraged to keep the system healthy. As long as a person stays inside of the basic bounds of the original philosophic precepts and alignment principles, then personal and independent investigation and creativity are wholly encouraged.

How Anusara Yoga Differs From Other Forms?

Most forms of yoga though similar, follow a set series of poses and holds. The ideals of all forms of yoga are similar; however, although Anusara yoga also holds similar ideals, its practice isn’t limited to a set type of poses. The main philosophy is most important part of this form of yoga. Poses from each form can be used in a routine along with any type of peaceful environment. A warm room such as used in Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga can be applied for Anusara yoga. Also, the faster movements of power can also be incorporated into the art without detracting from the base form of Anusara yoga.


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