Top 7 Yoga Centers in India

Yoga, as an integral part of the Hinduism, has been practiced among the people of India and it is believed that yoga is a way to free mind, body and spirit. Basically, with this practice, the human beings can free themselves from the stress there encounter in their everyday life and do the work more after getting inspiration with a new touch of feelings. In the recent time, this practice has been popular in the western countries and inspiring many people to come to India to study the yoga in the traditional setting very effectively and enthusiastically.

There are many yoga centers in India and they provide the effective and knowledgeable courses for the best of learners. Here is the list of the top seven yoga centers in India;

Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune

It is the most respected institute that allures students from all over the world. The classes are conducted on the basis of posture for all levels. Women, Children and people with medical problems are offered with special classes. If you apply for this institute, you can be forced to wait for two years to get admission in the institute. This institute focuses in deep study of yoga. And students are supposed to have prior experience in the yoga posture. Course duration takes one month and classes are attended per week.

Ashtanga Institute, Mysore

It is situated in Mysore and managed by descendent of Guru Sri Krishna who was the teacher there before his demise in 2009. This institute offers intensive ashatanga classes for the whole year. The classes are for students who wants to study yoga seriously. It is advisable to apply in advance. And accommodation is not given but there are many nearby places to reside. The study duration takes one month.

Parmarth Niketan, Rishkesh

It has the most attractive mountain setting in the town Rhishikesh, a good place to study spiritual aspects of yoga. Classes are open daily for visitors. The ashram is a place for sacred Indian weeding ceremonies every evening. It offers teacher training programs too. The study period takes two weeks to a month.

Bihar School of Yoga, Munger

It started in 1964. It is one of the old yoga schools in India meaning teachers are full of yogic lifestyle. It emphasizes more on yoga and meditation. Foreigners are supposed to enroll at the offshoot Bihar yoga Bharati institute. Course takes around four months from October to January each year.

Sivananda Vednta Center, Trivandrum

This yoga center was situated in Kerala. This institute teaches postures, relaxation, breathing, meditation and diet. Teacher training is also offered and courses offered are in yoga and meditation. Course duration takes three weeks or more.

Yoga Institute, Mumbai

It is the oldest center, started in 1918, by shri yogendraji, it offers workshops and camps. Health camps are aimed to eradicate heart problems, diabetes, stress, respiratory problems, hypertension and orthopedic conditions. Pregnant women and children are offered with special programs. Study time takes 21 days and yoga classes are also held.

Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai

This institute was located in Chennai. It provides viniyoga utilizing the tools of yoga for the purpose of postures and breath. It teaches residential Vedic Chanting, heart of Yoga and Pranayama. The courses are beneficial for all kinds of the students who are residing either in the foreign countries or in India.

If you need to study yoga in India you need to apply for Indian visa so that you can join in your favorite yoga center and learn the basics of yoga.

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