The Significance of Proper Breathing

Yoga followers worldwide are well aware of the importance the various specific parts of practice bear; The Significance of Proper Breathingcertainly, a right alignment of a pose cannot be reached without the proper form of breathing. It is also true that without the right mindfulness one’s benefits from a yoga practice are limited. Each and every part that comes together to create a yoga practice is crucial in obtaining the its full benefits.

Discovering Breathing

In many yoga traditions there is an emphasis on a different kind of breathing techniques; this is not considered counter intuitive to the body’s natural functions, but rather a return to the intuitive form of breathing we all use as infants. Unlike adults, infants breathe by using their diaphragm, thus inflating their abdomen area with every breath.

This form of breathing is considered loyal to the original principals of yoga, as it maintains an endless cycles of inhalation and exhalation, and saturates the lungs with oxygen. Breathing through the diaphragm, also known as “Deep Breathing”, is crucial for exercising yoga, but also extremely beneficial for many other aspects of life:

In Yoga

A proper breathing plays an inherent part; as many yoga practitioners feel, once a pose is fully reached there is a certain feeling of completion. However, this sense of completion cannot be attained without practicing diaphragm breathing. Whether learnt by a teacher or organically discovered, many people struggling with yoga Asanas will find this form of breathing to be of tremendous assistance.

In Meditation

Many view yoga practice as a mere gateway to attaining a full state of meditation. Since practicing the correct form of breathing for an entire yoga sequence renders the body in a state of full relaxation and calm, meditation follows very naturally. Practicing yoga and maintaining diaphragm breathing throughout the sequence enables a quicker, more comfortable approach to reaching a full state of meditation.

In Everyday Life

In the beginning, practicing deep breathing is not as easy as it may sound: most people suffer from dizziness and even mild cases of hyperventilation. Still, people who practice deep breathing discover that the body quickly adjusts to the new levels of oxygen inhaled, and makes the proper use of it. In other words, the feeling of calmness and assurance achieved by a yoga sequence can be applied to every aspect of one’s everyday life, simply by getting accustomed with the correct way of breathing.

Deep Breathing through Life

While rarely thought of in regards to yoga sequences, the process of breathing in itself is an integral part of a yoga practice. Diaphragm breathing is commonly considered as the correct yoga breathing, being that the results it bears are so empirically evident and noticeable. Deep breathing is recommended, not only for your daily yoga practice, but also in your everyday life.