SUP Yoga: Enjoy the Full Benefits of Yoga on The Beach

If you are looking for a different yoga practice, SUP Yoga or stand-up paddle boarding yoga might just work for you.

First known in  the 1960’s in Hawaii, this form of yoga exercise is performed while perched on a SUP board floating on calm water. More and more people are performing this exercise as it allows them to keep their body fit and healthy while in contact with the beauty of the environment.

Through practice of SUP yoga, your yoga workout can be improved and intensified. While developing core muscles you also have to keep your balance to avoid falling of the board. This makes the workout more intense as compared to traditional yoga exercise. This type of yoga will also take you away from the usual studio setting and mirrored walls. The fresh air of the outdoors and the warmth of the sun adds flavor to this exciting yoga experience. No more need for music, as nature’s sounds can already induce relaxation and help in meditation.

Benefits of SUP Yoga

  • SUP yoga is performed outdoors so you will feel the sun in your skin, breathe fresh air and become more connected with nature. It will also help improve your balance since you will need to stay on a less stable surface. Poses that are simple in stable ground will be a little harder as it will require you maintain good balance in the board. Muscles that are not usually used on stable ground will have to exert extra effort while on the board.
  • Focus, alertness and concentration will be developed in this type of exercise. It will help you expand your awareness with your body and the environment. You cannot simply use one side of your body in doing a particular pose. You have to keep everything balanced to avoid falling of the board.
  • During practice you will also learn to move slowly while making adjustments depending on the movement of the water. You will be able to do yoga poses while being aware of the water beneath you.
  • You can get a tan while staying fit and healthy. If you are going to do this on the beach, make sure to use sunscreen.

Gears Used in SUP Yoga

SUP boards are used for this type of yoga exercise. This board is not specific for yoga, it can also be used for surfing and paddling. Choosing a good board is essential if you are serious with this exercise.  You can find great deals on online SUP and yoga stores. Making a little research will surely pay.

In terms of clothing, yoga or beach attire can be worn. It should be comfortable and allows free movement. If the weather is cold a wetsuit can also be used. Overall, be prepared to get wet.

SUP yoga is not only for water people or expert yogis. Anyone can try it, even beginners. However it is important that you deal with professional instructors only. Making a background check will help you know whether a particular teacher is qualified to teach SUP yoga.

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