Secrets of Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga involves use of sexual energy to achieve enlightenment. It originated from India and then it spread through other parts of Asia, before conquering the west. Tantra is a Vedic word that means to weave, explain, stretch or extend. This yoga practice involves focusing on dualities such as yin and yang, good and bad, male and female, etc. It is actually difficult to define, however some parts of it has similarities to other types of yoga such as Astanga, Kundalini, Mantra and Bhakti yoga. The teachings of tantra yoga involve discipline, practice and understanding. It is a process that builds awareness of one’s inner self, consciousness and the Supreme Being.

Tantra yoga is not always concerned with sexuality, it is actually considered as a pure path to liberation and spirituality. Through the practice of Tantra yoga one can see the whole universe and achieve spiritual awakening. However, there are false gurus that have made tantric yoga into a sexual practice for man and women. This is why finding a bona fide teacher is very important. To achieve the goal of tantric yoga, the student should seek a teacher who can teach him the real process. It takes a long time of practice to achieve the goal of tantra. And it is not something that you can study by yourself using books and manuals.

Tantra Yoga Meditation

This type of yoga practice involves meditation. Through meditation the mind is cleansed and calmed. Any kind of thoughts are set aside, be it positive or negative. The yogi assumes a meditative position, usually lotus position. Through meditation he directs his life force to rise in his spine and go up into the forehead, and merge into the white light or Nirvana.  This gives the feeling of peacefulness, calmness, bliss and serenity. The yogi can end the meditation by bringing down his life force into his spine, then back to its base. This process helps a person become aware that he is a spiritual being and that a life force exists within him.

During meditation “mantras” may be used. Mantra means to draw away the mind. This involves use of sound vibrations that helps clear the mind from chaos, confusion and desires.

Tantra Yogis Practice Healthy Lifestyles

Tantra practitioners refrain from bad habits and activities that can cause harm to their body. They do not drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs. They keep their body healthy by performing yoga exercises. It also helps prepare their mind and body for a much higher form of meditation. Through exercise they are able to experience relaxation and calmness, and this helps them when they perform meditation.

Tantra Yoga for Partners

Tantra yoga allows couples to connect with each other in a more spiritual way. It is not all about flexibility and bedroom gymnastics, as most people think it is. Through this, couples can spend time with each other and relax together. They get to discover feelings and awaken sensations that are present in their bodies. They are also able to open up with each other and strengthen their relationship.