Safe Yoga: Menstruation & Pregnancy

This article is a rough guide towards safe yoga during pregnancy, after birth and during menstruation.

Is It Safe to Do Yoga When I Have Menses?

The answer to this question depends on your body. A woman who is having periods should listen to what her body is implying. In other words of saying, doing yoga safely during menses depends totally on the signals your body produces. Hence, it is safe to say that attending yoga sessions is a personal undertaking. There is no strong evidence, however, that performing yoga during menstruation has more boosting benefits compared to doing it in normal days. Some doctors feel that menstruation is not a good time to carry out yoga.

On the other hand, when you feel like doing yoga poses, go for restorative exercises. These are calming safe yoga poses that require low energy levels. They are light and gentle and do not really worsen physical symptoms associated with menstruation such as cramping. Restorative poses for menstruation include the Corpse Pose and Reclined Hero Pose. However, one caveat is to avoid inversions (upside-down movement) since some people claim that they may increase the risk of acquiring endometriosis.

Types of Safe Yoga in Pregnancy?

A quite number of modern moms these days have strong affinity for yoga. The best yoga for pregnant mothers is the Hatha Yoga type which involves gentle poses. On the contrary, avoid Hot Yoga or the Bikram type as they are too vigorous and intense, thus not good for delivering mothers. Nevertheless, pregnant women who have underlying conditions such as heart diseases, back problems and the like may be better off without yoga.

The benefits of yoga in pregnancy are well-documented. It promotes easy and smooth delivery and increase blood flow to the baby. Safe yoga sessions for pregnant mothers run usually for 30 minutes about three times a week. For child-bearing women, it is important to not overdo yoga and set limits so as not to harm yourself and the baby.

What are the Benefits of Yoga to Mothers After Giving Birth?

There are a number of reasons why mothers should resume yoga sessions after giving birth. Besides body awareness, mood enhancement, posture improvement and moral development, getting back to yoga is another way of redeeming your old, sexy and healthy body. For mothers who are yogis, this is something easier to do (again). Moreover, yoga is a healing process for mothers. Torn ligaments, overused muscles, flabby abdomen — most common complaints of post-partum mothers. Well, yoga can restore the old you by starting the exercise slowly and gently.

Another benefit of yoga after giving birth is weight loss. More often than not, mothers struggle how to lose weight. While the effect may not be immediate, what is more important is for mothers to lose pounds in a safe and natural way. Hot yoga, in this case, can be a great choice. Hot yoga is done in a hot room. This provides great advantage to mothers who want to lose weight. The room is very suitable to get warmth, eliminate toxins and make the body flexible. As mentioned previously, this yoga type is not recommended for those who are pregnant.