How to Progress in Your Yoga Practice?

Every Yoga practitioner comes to a point when he struggles to progress in his yoga practice. Keeping on doing the same thing does not work well for getting out of the practice plateau. You need to introduce and try out new approach to go further. Let us share with you a piece of advice, which may help you a lot during your Yoga journey!

How to Progress in Your Yoga Practice?

Train Mindfully

One of the teachers in India used to say, the practice is only Yoga if your mind is there.” In fact, that is the main difference between Yoga and ordinary fitness exercises: Yoga is performed mindfully. Your mind should not wander around. Stay concentrated on what you are doing. Be connected to your body and feel how the asana affects it. This is where real Yoga starts.

Another point is that the injuries occur only if your mind wanders. When performing a posture with your mind occupied by the thoughts about your work, you can easily overstretch or tear the muscle or ligament. Being mindful and concentrated, you are in contact with your body. You feel your limits and know when not to push forward.

Stay mindful and stay safe.

Use Your Breath

Do you know the secret behind the steady, balanced movements of the best Yoga practitioners? Their control over the breath. Breath is the key to taking control over your whole body.

The rules are simple – whenever compressing your abdomen and chest, you exhale, and every time you expand, you inhale. Combining the breath with the movement makes the transitions smooth and effortless.  When staying in position, use your breath to relax consciously the muscles. Stretching is about getting to a difficult pose and then relaxing in it. With every exhalation, concentrate on the part of the body you are stretching. Imagine as if you were exhaling into that very part, and feel the tension release.

Get Into a Habit

Practice frequently. Attending a Yoga class once a week will certainly not make you flexible and strong. You should get into a habit of training at least three times a week. If your schedule does not allow commuting to a local Yoga school so often, you can also have a good practice at home. There is plenty of Yoga videos on Youtube, guiding you through the sequences planned by expert teachers.

You do not need to have a full yoga practice every day, but get into a habit of doing a few poses and stretching before going to sleep. A short stretching session will release the tension accumulated throughout the stressful day, leaving you pleasantly relaxed before bedtime. You will immediately notice how the quality of your sleep improves!

Train Everywhere

In every Yoga studio, there are many props making your practice easier: wooden bricks, straps, cushions, blankets. As these instruments often come in handy, they are not necessary for Yoga. The ultimate prop is your body itself. What you really need for practice is some space on the floor and, optionally, a yoga mat.

Most people give up their practice when they travel. There is no reason to do so! Just spread a blanket in your hotel room and enjoy your little, cozy Yoga studio! For these occasions, it works well to memorize some yoga sequences that you enjoy the most. You can also listen to your body and adjust the practice to its needs. After a long flight, it will probably crave for some spine twists, and after a whole day of walking and sightseeing some leg stretches might work just perfectly!

Free yoga videos to practice anytime and anywhere.