Why Pranayam Makes You Younger?

Pranayam is the practice of cultivating life-force or pranic energy through breathing. It is practiced as a means of developing greater lung-capacity, but also to eventually control the breath in a way that is incredibly beneficial for the body and mind.

7 reasons pranayam makes you younger:

Look Younger

While pranayam can’t do it alone, when added to meditation, and asana, it makes your complexion gorgeous. The added oxygenation of your blood makes your whole body more vital, so it shows in your skin. You look more radiant, and experience fewer breakouts and a reduction in other signs of aging like wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. The additional prana you develop in your will also inspire you to be more active. Once you add a healthy diet, you will look years younger than your friends who don’t practice pranayama and yoga.

Live longer

Although western scientists aren’t exactly sure how it happens,pranayam tends to lengthen your life span. Maharishi Raghuvacharya lived to the age of 115. This is not unusual for many yogis. Pranayama practices helps to maintain circulatory health, and often, since you are filling the body with energy that doesn’t involve caloric intake, you live longer as well. There is scientific evidence that a restricted caloric intake can lengthen life expectancy.

Be Smarter

Pranayama practice makes you smarter, so you are less likely to suffer from age-related dementia. The practice of yogic
breathing increases neuronal activity and health. The more you breath like a yogi, the more vital your brain becomes.

Vital Immunity System

Another common sign of aging is a reduced immune function. Pranayama practice reverses this otherwise ‘normal’ degeneration.Pranayama makes the immune system more vital and increases the lymphocyte health in the body, which is the primary way our bodies fight foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria.

Better Sleep

People who don’t sleep well age faster. Pranayam practice has been proven to increase restful sleep.

Improving Sight & Hearing

Pranayama practice can make your eye-sight and hearing better. Often aging populations experience a reduction in hearing and sight. This is often due to poor blood flow to these important organs. Pranayam helps to increase blood flow to the eyes and ears. If you add asana like shirsasana (headstand) or other inversions, this effect multiples significantly.

Neutralizing Radicals

Pranayama helps the body eliminate the destructive action of free radicals. While free radicals are the normal effects of metabolism, pranayama can help neutralize them.

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