Practicing Yoga With Your Partner

Partner yoga is a form of yoga that involves two people practicing yoga to deepen their work and strengthen connections. It is a contemporary way of interacting with a partner while developing trust and intimacy. The most important component of this form of yoga is touch, and this also differentiates it from individual yoga practice. It involves physical contact with a partner to achieve a particular pose, or in performing a sequence of movements. Partners need to work together in doing yoga asanas, with the aid of traction, body awareness and leverage.

Benefits of Partner Yoga

Practicing yoga with a partner has a myriad of benefits. Here are a few:

  • Aside from keeping the mind and body fit and healthy, this practice also helps build bonds between people, as partners need to aid each other in performing poses. It also improves the line of communication, trust and intimacy of couples and partners. However, this does not focus on relationship between lovers alone, parents and children, friends, siblings can also practice this yoga.
  • Through this activity, couples can improve the spiritual and emotional aspect of their relationship. Furthermore, it can also fix marital problems and difficulties in marriage. Having marital issues can affect daily activities; it can aggravate stress and lead to depression if not addressed properly. This yoga practice can facilitate emotional, spiritual and physical healing and growth of relationships.
  • Partner yoga is also an excellent means of relaxation as it helps release stress and tension from the body. So if you are experiencing a lot of stress lately, practicing yoga with your partner, friend or anyone that you value most, will surely help.
  • This yoga practice also cultivates touch, which is an important part of life. Through this practice you can experience touch in a different and unique level.
  • It also offers a whole new way of having fun, while staying fit with your partner at the same time.

Safety Precautions in Performing Partner Yoga

To achieve yoga partner benefits to the fullest, it is important that you strictly follow safety precautions.

  • Warm ups and cooling down should never be forgotten. Stretching and bending will help awaken the body, and prepare it for the yoga poses that you will be performing. Cooling down after practice also lets your body return into its normal and relaxed state. Doing this every time you practice yoga will help prevent injury and further harm.
  • If you have medical conditions let your instructor know, so he could tailor a specific routine that will suit your body’s needs. You should also inform your teacher if you have past and preexisting injuries.
  • Know your limits. Do not force yourself or your partner into a position that they are not capable of doing. You should also avoid straining your body. Naturally, at first your body will be stiff and not that strong and flexible. You may find certain poses difficult to perform. But as you practice regularly, your body will improve and get better.
  • Choose your instructor wisely. Make sure to enroll classes under professional partner yoga instructors only. Doing a little research will surely help.