Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

Practicing yoga during pregnancy depends on each mother’s physical condition and the stage of pregnancy. To determine whether it is appropriate for pregnant women to do yoga, we recommend that you consult your obstetrician first. During pregnancy, it is advisable to practice private prenatal yoga in the second trimester (from the fourth month to the sixth month) and consults with your doctor in advance. Professional yoga teachers for pregnant women help to improve the overall flexibility of the body and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which help during the delivery process. Along with this, it increases the body’s blood circulation; stimulate the various organs and glands, and thus the standard operation of blood pressure.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

Keeping Your Body in Shape

Practicing yoga can keep you in shape during pregnancy, keep you light, strengthen your muscles, and improve your balance and circulation. Even the pressure at the bone joints of a pregnant woman slightly reduces.

Alleviating Swelling and Inflammation of the Joints

Swelling and inflammation occur due to edema and blood circulation. Yoga contributes to promoting blood flow, so it can be tactfully prevented and reduce the swelling of the hands or ankles during pregnancy regardless of the typical situation.

Preventing and Slowing Down Back Pain Problem

Low back pain during pregnancy is a common symptom. Regular practice of pregnant women yoga can stretch the muscles of the lower back and strengthen the lower back muscles and spine. It will reduce muscle tension; improve posture to relieve back pain.

Reducing Stress

To adapt to pregnancy, childbirth and physical strength as required by a mother, yoga can make pregnant women release the physical and psychological pressure. The body hormone show a balanced state, the breathing is regular and the body relaxed by keeping the stability of the body and mind, pregnant women can always feel happy and joyful.


Pregnant women yoga can make the general sense of discomfort caused by pregnancy naturally relaxed, without the use of external drug treatment.

Particular Attention While Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

For pregnant women/ expectant mothers must pay special attention to avoid certain postures, especially some challenging and laborious movements that may affect the position of the abdomen. It is recommended that pregnant women should exercise or practice yoga within their capacity to do some posture, you can also use a variety of props to assist, such as pillows, elastic bands, yoga bricks, and chairs. Do not try to stand on your hands or jump, etc. may pull the abdominal muscles, such as the former bend back or twist and other actions should also be avoided. Remember to bring bottles of water at all time to add water. Hot yoga classes should also be avoided as they may cause overheating in pregnant women.

Effect of Practicing Yoga on the Baby During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause intense mental and physical stress, especially when their hormonal patterns may be erratic, resulting in mood swings. Yoga movements and breathing method during pregnancy can help the mother to be relaxed and since the mother and the baby are closely linked to each other it also relaxes your child. The correct breathing method will ensure that the fetus will get enough oxygen flow. Through different yoga movements, the pregnant women in the process of physical stretching exercises can help the healthy growth of the fetus, so that the prospective mother’s body is being prepared for the delivery process.

Can Yoga Help to Lose Weight After Childbirth?

Most pregnant women face postpartum problems with weight gain and relaxation. Yoga can solve these twin problems together, and achieve positive results. To maintain a healthy physique and control, various body stretching exercises and inhaling and exhaling exercises are necessary.  These strengthen the body’s metabolism more efficiently, burns more calories, and helps to get rid of the weight gain during pregnancy. Practicing yoga focuses on individual muscle blocks to make them contract and relax. Regular yoga practice with proper eating habits and cardiopulmonary training, postpartum muscle blending and body shaping can be symmetrical.


In short, yoga is not only an excellent physical exercise for pregnant mothers. But an essential tool for a full body and mind relaxation, not only during pregnancy but after delivery as well. There are twin benefits, both the mother and child experience physiological as well as physical relaxation, relieving the tension build up due to the imbalance of hormone among other factors. Moreover, with yoga practice, the mother can get back in shape after delivery and thereby substantially reduce if not eliminate postpartum problems altogether.