Practicing Yoga in Your Car

In modern days, free time is a luxury for most of us, our jobs and personal life are becoming more stressful and having a little time for relaxation remains only on our wish lists. Time management professionals advise us to make the most of our hectic living and maximize every second of free time by doing things that relax and please us.

We spend a lot of time in our cars every day, whether we are commuting to work, taking the kids to school, going grocery shopping or simply being stuck in traffic. So why not use these free minutes – or hours if you have the misfortune of getting caught in a traffic jam – to do something that relaxes our mind and body? How many times have you felt stressed and tensed while being behind the wheel of your car? Getting annoying by road or weather conditions, bad drivers or back pains seem to be parts of our daily routine and more and more people are getting so used to it that they don’t even know where the stress comes from at the end of the day.

Instead of playing with our phones, retouching our makeup or checking the sports news on our tablets, we should use the commuting time for something more useful, such as practicing yoga. If you think about practicing yoga as something that requires a lot of time and silence and can’t be done inside a crowded space in the middle of a loud traffic jam, here are some suggestions that might change your mind.

Relax Your Mind and Recharge Your Energy

Without having to know complicated moves or to need any special props, you can offer yourself a bit of relaxation time that can turn your day from bad to amazing in no time. Now, don’t think that practicing yoga in your car will magically erase all the bad things that happen to us at work or at home. It will most certainly not. But it will give you the perfect mind and body for tackling with the good and the bad of modern day living. It’s always in the little things!


Taking deep, slow and long breaths relaxes the mind and help release tension. All you need to do is take a deep breath while counting to four and expiring strongly on your nose, releasing all the air out of your lungs. Do this exercise for at list 4-5 times and enjoy the new relaxed you.

Hands and Feet Exercises

If you find yourself at the end of a long traffic line or caught up in a jam, don’t get angry, get relaxed. Your hand get tensed when you keep then on the wheel, shake your hands and wrists for a minute and let them rest while you wait. Take this time to move your feet a little, balance yourself from one feet to another or bend until you reach your ankles with your hands. As part of this praciting yoga session, do this for a few times and your feet will release the pressure of being in an uncomfortable position, and you will have a more enjoyable day.

Work on Your Neck and Back

Neck and back pains are so common for working people that we don’t even notice them anymore. Unfortunately, this is not the best choice, and will impact our health on the long run, but if you use the time you spend in your car to relax your neck and back daily things will start improving soon. Easily rotate your head a few times, while keeping your shoulders relaxed. If you are not in a moving vehicle or you are not the driver put your hand behind your neck, inspire and expire while stretching your body. Do this a few times but only if you are not driving, or you are stopped in traffic. If not, don’t forget to practice it at home for a few minutes daily.

Practicing Yoga to Improve Your Life Quality

Put the stress of car rides behind you, whether you are going to work or on a road trip, meeting an important client or visiting loved ones, use the time you spend in your car to relax yourself and improve your life quality little by little. Your day will look a lot better, and your nights will be more peaceful!