Power Yoga: Your Key To Fitness

Power yoga is just as its name describes. Imagine your regular yoga routine ramped up a notch. This form of yoga is tailored for those who utilize yoga as part of their fitness plan. Power Yoga is vigorous and intense; it also doesn’t have a set style of poses to be adhered to. In general it can mean any particular style of yoga done in a vigorous manner. The majorities of power yoga classes utilize Ashtanga yoga, but does not stick to a specific set of poses like the basic form does.

How Was Power Yoga Started?power yoga-key to fitness | yoga poses

Bryan Kest and Beryl bender are the two teachers most often cited as being the creators of power yoga. Both yogis trained under yoga
master Sri K. Pattabhu Jois. He taught them the gentle flowing way of Ashtanga yoga that embodies smooth movements and meditation. As a way to urbanize this form of yoga to more suites the American fitness lifestyle, the two teachers separately worked to create this intense from of calorie burning power yoga. Though these two are the most noted power yoga teachers, Baron Baptiste also has his own form of power yoga and certifies teacher who train under him to teach power yoga.

Is Power Yoga Best For Your Lifestyle?

Since power yoga doesn’t adhere to a ser style, depending on where you take your class the poses and routines taught can differ highly. Regardless of the variety, each power yoga class in every studio focuses intently on flexibility and strength. Yoga has been highly popular for many years; Power yoga took that popularity to a whole new level as many people now realized that it is a great way to work out. You can loose fat as well as tone through power yoga. Most gym in theUnited Statesnow has at least one power yoga class. A lot of people are interested in the benefits of yoga without having to adhere to the chants and meditation that usually accompanies it, if this sounds like you, then power yoga will be a great fit.

Benefits of Power Yoga

There are several benefits that can be associated with power yoga, some are as follows:

  • Improving muscle tone and strength
  • Flushing toxic elements and cleansing the body
  • Stress reduction and concentration improvement
  • Core strength improvement of back and stomach muscles
  • Increased circulation
  • Joint flexibility, overall stamina and heart efficiency are improved
  • Immune system is bolstered and boosted

The Practice of Power Yoga

While most power yoga classes don’t follow a set routine, the actual practice seeks to unite three of the basic Yoga concepts. They are vinyasa, tristhana and internal purification. You will see a lot of elements of Bikram yoga in most power yoga classes. The most widely used is the Surya Namaskar sequence, while the chants are forgone; the breathing practices are still retained. In an effort to build up the concentration and endurance of the students, many poses are held for longer periods of time. Though held longer, they flow effortlessly. The main steps of power yoga are intended to focus on two things. The synchronization of the body and resulting flushing of toxins: and increasing muscles flexibility and stamina which clears the nerves systems channels.

Flow of Power Yoga Classes

A typical power yoga class will start of with some basic warm ups. These follow the routine which allows for maximum stretching of the body. Since the poses taught in class are done at a faster pace and held for longer intervals, this warm up is key to ensuring that there is no injury to the bodies muscles.