PMS Relief By 5 Yoga Poses

Every woman dreads the side effects of her monthly menses. These can include mood fluctuation, swelling Yoga Poses for PMSbreasts, headache, water retention, anxiety, lethargy, loss of memory and focus, mild depression, and irritability. Did you know, though, that you can ease the symptoms of PMS with five simple yoga poses which directly affect not only the hormones associated with the menstrual cycle, but in helping the muscles of the pelvis and lower back to relax during this important time of cleansing?

Yoga Poses Take the Pain Out of PMS

PMS is caused by a number of factors, including lack of sufficient rest, difficulties in relationships that cause emotional turmoil, over-work, travel, and more, but they are all physiological factors, which come from the underlying problem of stress. When women have a period once a month, this is a call from nature for women to slow down and de-stress. Along with these five yoga poses, you can listen to relaxing music, give yourself permission to read that great novel in bed, meditate, and just relax. Use aromatherapy and massage as well as the following yoga poses:

Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

Yes, lying on the floor like you are dead is great for relieving PMS. This yoga pose is almost a no-brainer for relieving stress and reducing symptoms like fatigue and muscle soreness as well as cramping. It helps to calm the nervous system and brain and signals to your body that it is finally safe to chill out. Practice this yoga pose at the very end of your practice or as your entire practice. You will feel the benefits from this yoga pose almost immediately.

Crocodile Pose (Makrasana)

This yoga asana is similar to corpse pose, only it is practiced lying on the belly, with the toes pointed out, ankles in, and the head resting on the hands which can be folded to make a pillow. It relieves tension in the abdominal area, and pelvis, and also calms stressed nerves. This yoga pose induces relaxation and lessens severe cramping.

Child’s Pose (Dhanurasana)

This yoga pose can be practiced all the time, but is especially helpful when dealing with PMS symptoms. It calms mild depression and anxiety and forces our normally externally-focused attention, inward. This yoga pose helps to slow the respiratory rate and relieve tension in the lower back, a place where many women store stress and become tight during just prior to and during menses.

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvanghasana)

This yoga pose not only opens the hips and pelvis to allow blood flow, but also relieves tight muscles which can impair the release of toxins that accumulate in the uterus over a month’s time. This is one of the yoga poses that also stimulates release of tension along the entire spine, and in the shoulders. It can be practiced with the feet on the floor close to the hips, and then gently lifting the pelvis, while concentrating opening the chest and heart as well as raising the hips higher. In a more restorative form, this yoga pose can be practiced with pillows stacked under the hips and lower back, while allowing the spine to rest easily on the floor. It helps to relieve tension and pain that accumulates in the body and deal with PMS symptoms overall.

Seated Wide Angle Pose (Prasarita Padottanasana)

This yoga pose can be practiced by sitting on the floor and letting the legs to spread wide while keeping the sitting bones firmly planted into the floor. In this yoga pose, sit tall and start to bend forward form the hips to help stretch open the groin, outer hips and lower spine. This yoga asana is great for increasing blood flow in the pelvis and aiding in water retention and bloating. It also reduces pain and significantly reduces stress so you can use this pose as well in order to alleviate PMS symptoms.