Naked Yoga & Other Unconventional Yoga

Practicing yoga can bring a lot of benefits to your life, from relieving stress to helping you improve your mental and physical health while offering you precious serene moments of pure relaxation. Yoga has something to offer to anyone. Whether you are an enthusiast of classical practices and enjoy relaxing in a simple and effective way, or you are a person with unconventional tastes and get your kicks from not so ordinary sports. There is a Yoga type for you! If exercising on a mat seems too boring to enjoy you can choose any of the newer and more modern Yoga styles, such as Anti-Gravity, Hot Yoga or even Naked Yoga, for those who are bold enough.

Anti-Gravity or Aerial Yoga

A very popular type of Yoga among famous people and Hollywood celebrities is Aerial Yoga. It is just like a standard Yoga session, except you are doing it hanging upside-down with your feet wrapped around two cords attached to the ceiling. It was invented by the American gymnast Christopher Harrison and has since grown to be very popular among Yoga practitioners. Medical researchers state that being into this position triggers a regeneration mechanism of all your organs and tissues. The position also helps straighten your ligaments and works wonders on stressed wrists and overall body posture.

A class of Aerial Yoga starts as a standard one, with a little time to heat up during which one or both feet stay on the ground until your body gets accustomed to the anti-gravity state. Although it sounds found and can bring a lot more benefits than regular Yoga, it is best to not try this style at home because you might hurt yourself, especially if you are just starting out.

Martial Arts Yoga

Martial Arts are related to Yoga so it should not surprise you that there is not a type of Yoga that draws its inspiration from them. This type of Yoga improves your flexibility, increases your energy and helps you develop correct breathing habits while strengthening your body.

Aqua Yoga

For all you water lovers out there, there is a new type of Yoga than combines the best of both world and is more body-balancing and low impact alternative to the traditional method. With all its poses adapted to pools and using walls as floors, Aqua Yoga is not only healthy but it is also a lot of fun.

Surf Yoga

Floating on your Yoga mat, under beautiful rays of sunshine, surrounded by the tranquility of the ocean? What can be more relaxing? Ocean and Yoga lover now have their very own entertainment sport, one that not only helps improve their health, but also their surfing postures and overall mental state, making them happier and more sociable.

Hot Yoga

If you are a fan of saunas and hot environmental conditions for practicing sports, Hot Yoga is the thing for you. The exercises are done under humid and very hot conditions. If you decide to join a Hot Yoga class, consult it first with your doctor because not everyone can endure such conditions, especially if you are experiencing health issues, such as thyroid malfunctions.

Naked Yoga or Punk Rock Yoga

Other types of unconventional and fun Yoga practices may include practicing Yoga alongside your pet, Punk Rock Yoga for those who favor the genre, or even Yoga for Foodies, which centers around the Slow Food movement and teaches us how to slow down and not be pressured by speeding up everything we do. If you are feeling bold and want to experience something new, there is also Naked Yoga / Nude Yoga. The trend has gotten a lot of attention lately. More and more people are learning to put aside their inhibitions and experience a new way of acknowledging that everyone is the same, no matter how they look on the outside. Naked Yoga is also a good therapy for those of us who are a bit shy and want to overcome it.

There is a special Yoga for anyone willing to improve his or hers lifestyle, all you have to do is decide what you like, join a group and collect the benefits!

photo credit: Judyth Greenburgh