Yoga Mudrasana : The Amazing Benefits

There are many advanced yoga poses and also yoga poses for beginners that are considered ideal for awakening the higher senses, and Yoga Mudrasana is definitely one of them. Also called psychic union pose, this asana has been used for centuries by yogic sages and sadhus to go deep within their own internal landscapes and to commune with the Divine. There are both beginner and advanced versions of this posture, since its full expression requires extreme flexibility in almost every limb of the body as well as the hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, entire spine, shoulders and wrists. It is also called the ‘seal’ because one closes off the energy that normally escapes through one’s hands and feet by making a complete seal or circuit. It also begins in Padmasana, or full Lotus Posture, which is a difficult asana for many beginner students to practice, so you can start small and work towards the full and advanced yoga pose as you are ready.

Mudrasana: How To Practice?

Begin in Padmasana. Sit with an erect spine and allow your hips, knees and ankles to relax. There should be no strain in the yoga posture, so if full Padmasana is not comfortable, start in Ardha Padmasana (Half Lotus) or Sukasana (Easy Pose). Pay attention to your breathing and allow your abdomen to expand and collapse with a deep yogic breath. Next you will reach your left arm to the sky and twist to the left, trying to reach around the torso to find your right foot. You will do the same on the other side. Eventually the arms cross behind you, with the chest lifted and the shoulders relaxed. From here, the forehead is brought to the floor, and touches down. You can start with your arms in Yoga Mudra instead, as a way to practice, until your body allows a full ‘union’ or seated ‘bow’.  For a video tutorial click the following link: Mudrasana: Yoga Mudrasana: Beginners and Advanced.

Manipura Chakra Awakens with Yoga Mudrasana

The primary energetic focus in Yoga Mudrasana is on Manipura chakra, or the third chakra. This is where we form our ‘personal power.’ It is also where we digest emotions and learn to stand up for ourselves without being overly aggressive. We are neither pushed around by others, nor try to have domination over others. In short, we have a healthy self esteem when this chakra is balances. As we are able to bow to the floor, the higher chakras are awakened and the energy that is released form the lower chakras eventually reaches the 7th chakra, which allows full enlightenment.

Watch the following video for practicing mudrasana.


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