How to Merge Your Love for Travel & The Joys of Yoga?

In a mood to travel but lost for the companion of your heart? Sling on your yoga mat and get going. Once a connection is achieved through yoga with the earth beneath your feet and the sun shining in a bright blue sky on a clear day, you won’t be alone anymore. Go deeper into this rewarding experience of harmonizing with your own core and the universe that has sheltered you. Your strife to reach and feel the presence of the divine will deepen as you come to know the changing terrains, people, and colors of the lands you travel.

Spots for Mergeing Travel & Yoga

Here are four spots across the map of the world you can consider going to for merging your love for travel and the joys of yoga:

Sun Bathing & Yoga in Bali

The little island of Bali tucked away in the seas of South East Asia has long been a sweet spot for global yoga lovers. The charming little town of Ubud in this island has a heartwarming spiritual atmosphere, surrounded with lush green rice fields. You will also find there interesting Hindu temples, idyllic earthen paths winding inside the coconut tree lined villages, health cafes, and a good number of yoga retreat centers. For the beach lovers, Bali will bring an extra ounce of good vibes as the sea is within reach offering a handful of fun activities. Besides yoga, you can also find a handful of other interesting alternative practices available for learning in Bali, like palm reading, healing, and reflexology.

Yoga Before Snowy Peaks in Nepal

When the long sandy stretches of Bali with its salty aired atmosphere exhaust you, make your way across the subcontinent to the precarious heights of Nepal. Pokhara, the town of mirror-like glacial lakes with a vista of the snowy peaks gleaming afar is one of the known yoga hubs in the East. To stare at the majestic Himalayas waving to you from the distance, taking in the pleasant touch of the cool air coming from the mountains, taking long strolls around the iconic Phewa Lake or go on slow boating rides, and shopping in the bazaar for mountaineering gears and much more are all activities you can budge in your yoga tour to Pokhara.

Knowing The Holy River With Yoga in Rishikesh

When the cold gets biting and the peaks of snow quite familiar, consider traveling down to the warmer niches of the Himalayas like the world renowned yoga city of Rishikesh in Northern India. Famed since long as the world capital of yoga, Rishikesh holds a rich legacy. Through this town flows one of the mightiest rivers of the world. At this foothill junction, the Ganges is entering the plains. Regarded as a goddess in Indian mythology, the Ganges is the source of life and livelihood for many. Enriched with myth and fascination of a people who believe in inherent spiritual power of all beings, Rishikesh is full of joyful vibes. Join one of the top rated schools offering yoga teacher training courses in this city to open up new horizons in your world.

Yoga in The Temple Town of Varkala

After all the rendezvous in the hills if you ever desire the warmth of the tropical lands again, travel to the seaside paradise of Varkala in Kerala. The blazing sunsets in the sea over the red cliffs of Varkala is a sight to endear. If you sign up for a yoga training program in Varkala, there will many opportunities to do yoga in this mesmerizing natural setting at auspicious hours of the day. In Varkala there are also many sites for religious pursuit of the Hindu tradition. Explore and understand the force of divinity in these temples on your visit to Varkala to deepen your spiritualist worldview.