Take A Mental Vacation With Meditation


Today, the average human being is faced with so many different circumstances. Since the economic turn of the world hard times have gotten harder. Sometimes you can feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulder with no one to help you carry it. Life can sometimes deal you a hand that leaves you feeling sad, depressed, stressed, angry, or full of anxiety. To take yourself mentally away from everything you deal with on the daily basis there is meditation. With the proper meditation techniques you can free yourself from the mental battle that goes on inside. Releasing the negative energy and taking in the positive, the process can be described as a mental detoxification.

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Starting Your Meditation

Meditation can be practiced just about anywhere and with anyone. You can go to a yoga class and learn stretching and meditation, you can get a group of friends and practice meditating, or you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Whatever you preference, to get the best meditation experience possible choose a quiet place and a time that you won’t be interrupted. The fewer distractions you have the more at peace you will feel when beginning your meditation.

Meditation Techniques

There are several different techniques that you can try for meditation. Everyone is different and they find relaxation through different poses and procedures. You have to find the meditation techniques that best suit you. There are techniques that allow you to just breathe and think freely, and there are others where you are focused on your thoughts. Determining which is right for you may take some trial and error, but with time you will become accustomed to the technique that makes you feel the most at peace.

Mantra Meditation

This technique involves the repetition of certain sounds and words. The mantra takes about 30 minutes to complete in a quiet, clutter free room. Close your eyes and sit up straight. Choose a word to chant and begin chanting it over and over for the first twenty minutes saying it with faith, and affirmation. The last 10 minutes of the technique involves simply listening. Your chant will continue to run through your mind even as you sit in silence. Allow for all of your feelings and emotions to come out, and eventually all you will hear is silence.

Raja Yoga Meditation

Raja yoga meditation is used for helping you to understand yourself and your mind. In raja yoga meditation they break the soul down into three parts: consciousness (mind), the intellect, and the subconscious. Since thoughts travel from the subconscious to the conscious mind our feeling and emotions generate depending on the thoughts that run through our mind. This form of meditation believes that you have the power to think positive thoughts and receive positive feelings. As thoughts appear in your mind, you are to pay them no attention; instead the raja yoga technique is to replace the negative with a positive through positive words and affirmation.

There are several other types of meditation techniques that will help to relax your mind, body, and soul. Choosing what is right for you really just depend upon what you are trying to accomplish. Are you looking to relax, to relieve stress, to find inner peace, to learn more about yourself, or simply for the enjoyment of peace and quiet? If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, try a few different techniques. Go to your local gym and find out if there are yoga or meditation classes offered. The benefits to this mental exercise go far beyond what many could imagine, but if what you want is a mental vacation away from the hectic world then mediation can take you there.