Meditation Can Add More Hours to Your day

Today the people world over have one common statement to make… ‘I have no time!’ Whether you are employed or have your own business, everyone today needs more time to do more things!

I think we need to reflect more on this as we hear it, daily! What is that we have no time for? What is that for which we are hard pressed for time? What is that we ALWAYS have time for?

Most of the people will end up answering, ‘ I have no time for myself’ or things what I want to do’ or ‘I am always in a rush to meet deadlines after deadlines’ or ‘I don’t get time to eat, sleep or spend quality time with my loved ones’.

And you still get time to do Facebook! (Most of usJ) Or a more sensible statement would be – do you still get time to brush, bathe, watch TV, and check instant messages? Yes? Then you are not managing time well or you are not prioritizing your time well. Yes! We need to prioritize our 24 hours!

So then what is the secret behind having only 24 hours available to all, but someone is more successful while someone is constantly struggling being more successful. Do more successful people sleep lesser, eat minimum, talk least, socialize (and not Facebook!) less? I don’t think so. Our physical bodies have more or less same structures, without eating or sleeping well, we can’t run longer. Our responsibilities today are way more than 10 years ago, and we need to connect to more people, socialize more, talk more… there is definitely more to do.

What do we do then? One way is to reduce our workloads and responsibilities and that will automatically give us more time. But is that practical today? Most of you will answer in the negative.

Another practical solution then is to increase your own energy levels.

Have you noticed when you are happy, joyful or in an elevated state of consciousness, tasks seem to get completed faster and more efficiently. Whereas when you are not feeling good, even a trivial task like brushing your teeth seems to be a drag. Being in a joyful, happy energy state is one practical solution that is a custom fit for the 21st century. And people all over the world are waking up to it.

And there are three aspects that govern our energies – Physical, Mental and Emotional. If one goes down all your energy goes down.

So the best and holistic way that I have known to tap into this vast pool of energy is Meditation.  Let’s see how meditation can help you in managing your time better.

Building Emotional Quotient

A study from TalentSmart revealed that 90% of top performers have high EQ (Emotional Quotient) and it is responsible for 58% of your job performance. Here is more meat to it – people with high EQ make $29K more than their low EQ counterparts!  Call it doing more and better in the same time that nature has given us to all!

When you mediate daily for at-least 20 minutes you become aware of the patterns in your mind, body and emotions. And one has always lived life through these patterns. Remember the last time when someone blamed you for a professional mistake? How did you react? There is a set pattern. And when you become aware of these patterns, a shift happens. You no longer brood over someone’s comment, you begin to live in the NOW and take decisions faster and you stop swinging between the high’s& low’s as the day progress and focus on finishing tasks faster.

So with daily meditation Self-Awareness dawns which leads to improving Self- Management. Your time is managed better when you are managing yourself better!

Reducing Stress

Stress is the biggest contributor today on wreaking havoc on our physical, mental and emotional energies. With a hundred things to manage today, stress can creep very quickly into our system and leave us drained. A Yale study  describes how stress is necessary to reduce the Grey cells (read inactive) in our brain. But prolonged stress can lead to a complete meltdown.

With daily mediation you take a daily mini break. When you meditate you start putting things on perspective, you begin practicing mindfulness, you become aware of your weaknesses, you develop a feeling when to ask for help and most importantly you take a technology break. That’s what Meditation does, all in one go. The result is a non-stop source of energy!

Training for Change

When you begin to meditate, you observe the initial train of a thousand thoughts! You begin to distinguish the changes in your emotions with every event that has happened, the situations where your buttons get pushed. And this is very dynamic! As you meditate more, you slowly get trained for change.

So when priorities change, deadlines shift, tasks are squeezed into crazy schedules, you are trained to accept them swiftly & maintain your energies. This way a lot of time is saved that would be otherwise wasted in the non-acceptance of a change and in lamenting over.

Reflecting and Recalibrating

With self-management improving through daily meditation, you begin to reflect on your life priorities and understand what is important and what is not. It slowly but surely trickles down in your daily routine and you will start to reflect on your tasks at hand and prioritize them. Prioritizing tasks helps your recalibrate your time and you will achieve a lot more than just plain multi-tasking.

Facing the Inevitable

The key to effective time management is not letting your important but not urgent tasks become Urgent and Important. If you observe most of the tasks that we are dead set to finish has slowly become all urgent and important! They all have now become suddenly inevitable. And they come in a flock!

With daily meditation techniques your mind becomes relaxed & recharged and so much clarity dawns that you will become aware of all such tasks that are important & needed to be done in time. You are then ready to finish these tasks before they actually become inevitable. You face the inevitable before it actually becomes like one.

Be Open and Curious

There are so many things to do in life and not everything can be done alone and in one single way!

With daily mediation, one realizes one’s own limitations. And slowly with acceptance dawning in, one knows that there are others who can help. One also realizes that there are probably better ways to solve a problem. Meditation prepares you to be open and curious!

So also in daily life, one will realize the need to be open & curious for help & suggestions, on the tasks which can’t be done alone. For many tasks to be done quickly and effectively one begins to look for suggestions and improvements. And this builds an effective time management strategy without getting stressed.

Author Bio

Varun-1Varun Uniyal is an Art of Living instructor for the past 3 years and a meditation practitioner for over 13 years now. The greatest joy he has ever felt is uplifting the state of mind of anyone whom he comes across. 

He has been working full time as a Business Analyst for more than 6 years and he loves conceptualizing ideas into products. Photography, reading, writing, travelling, researching new ideas, eating good food & meditating daily are just things he cannot live without.