Meditation A To Z

Meditation is the latest buzz that spreads the message of health, happiness and harmony. What else would anyone ask for?

Let’s know the A-Z of meditation benefits to befriend the 3 H:

A – Alertness

Meditation is relaxation of the mind which leads to alertness. A clogged mind leads to clutter in all aspects of life.

B – Brilliance

Meditation leads to a brilliance that is felt internally as well as externally since the mind is sorted and so calm.

C – Cool

Meditation makes a person pleasantly cool, composed and centred in day to day life. Problems are replaced by challenges that need solutions. Being cool is a prerequisite to being a part of solutions.

D – Dynamic

Meditation makes a person more and more dynamic. A meditator is endowed with a closeness with divinity and therefore learns to sort, solve and survive in true faith with a smile.

E –Eagerness & Enthusiasm

Meditation makes you hollow and empty. You don’t hold on to disturbances and feel rejuvenated to take up any task or assignment with an eagerness and enthusiasm.Everything becomes fruitful and beautifully meaningful.

F – Fullness

There is a sense of richness in all flavours of life. Life becomes full of all the positives and one feels complete with a sense of belongingness with all.

G – Grateful

With meditation what follows is an attitude of gratitude in life. One is full of gratefulness towards the divine and becomes humble and grounded in all situations and with all kinds of people.

H – Humor

Meditation takes away stress and strain to give rise to our humorous self. We realize that life is a game and we need to play in good humor.

I – Imaginative

Meditation increases imagination and creativity. People observe a strange upliftment in their expression whether written or spoken.

J – Jocund

Meditation makes one jocund. One feels and therefore looks cheerful at all times. There is no room for a long face or a frown.

K – Keen

Meditation brings in devotion and a meditator is seen as a keen learner and receptor who delves into knowledge to understand the true meaning of life and finds answers to the question, “Why am I here?” or “What is my goal in life?”

L – Longing

Meditation leads to longing for the divine love. One lives to be one with the divine and in the process realizes that he has to look within to be one with the master.

M – Mighty

In meditation one discovers the true power that lies within each one of us. This is the power to be good, peaceful and strong in a way that challenges don’t deter us and happiness doesn’t elude us.

N – Novice

Meditation makes a person a novice or learner for life who doesn’t believe that he knows everything. He exudes the youthful energy to learn, exude josh of a novice and in the process remains full of knowledge.

O – Optimistic

Meditation is the manure that helps to reap optimism inside us and even around us. Meditation helps us to vibe well with all types of people or situations and transforms self and others with the power of optimism.

P – Pleasant

Meditation transforms us to become pleasant personalities. One feels magnetic enough to draw goodness.

Q – Quality

We talk about quality time, quality life and what not? Meditation gives quality in totality and one feels satisfied and blessed at all times.

R – Rest

Meditation gives deep rest and relaxation which is vital to preserve good health to lead a stress free life. It rejuvenates the mind and body.

S – Selfless

Meditation makes us one with divinity to realize that selfless work and service gift the happiness we think money can buy.

T – Twinkle

Meditation restores the twinkle in our eyes that brings back liveliness in our self. We feel enthusiastic and cheerful without any specific reason. We become Joy.

U – Unity

Meditation provides unity in diversity among all practitioners as each one has the feeling of belongingness towards one and all. Meditators do not feel out of place and help in bringing in the dream of “one world family.”

V – Vigour

Meditation gifts us a vigour that is unheard of. We become energy centres who are able to create more and more time to work towards our goals and enjoy life.

W – Wellness

Meditation promises wellness. One feels in a state of being mentally and physically healthy.

X – X-Factor

Regular meditation practice gives the x factor as it brings out the creative self of practitioners who excel in their field along with a glorious faculty to sing, dance and enjoy all forms of creative self expression in the most wonderful ways. .

Y – Young

Meditation makes people look younger than their age. All the frowns and crease disappear making a person look calm, peaceful and naturally beautiful.

Z – Zest

Meditation gives the zest to do wonders in ones life by finding the real purpose and all time happiness. The zest comes hand in hand with the victory of the big or divine mind that guides and protects us at all times.

Author Bio

This is a guest post by Geeta Yadav from Art of Living inspired by the joy she gets from practicing yoga and meditation in her life. She aims to reach out to more and more people through her writing and help them take up yoga and meditation.

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