Laughter Yoga: Laugh All Your Troubles Away

We all like to amuse ourselves every now and then and know all about the benefits of having laughter in our lives, but how many of you knew that this is also a form of yoga? In today’s stressed times, who doesn’t need a little cheer to help us face all of life’s surprises? Whether you are stressed out about work problems, having health or personal issues, or simply feeling down on a rainy day, Laughter Yoga will bring you back to your old self in no time. And not only that, it can improve a lot of mind and body health issues also.

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga was developed in India by Doctor Madan Kataria, in 1994. He believed in the powerful benefits of laughing and used to invite groups of people to laugh alongside him wherever he would go. But the capacity of treating illnesses by laughter has been around since 1964 when a patient suffering from arthritis was advised to watch comedies for 30 minutes a day to improve his immune system. The idea was also presents in the 80s when a physician stated to treat its patients wearing clown outfits.

This type of Yoga is much more than meets the eye, not only do you get to put a smile on your face, but also, you can make new friends or strengthen the bond with your old ones by doing Laughter Yoga together. Might you think you don’t need such a therapy but is real laughter that present in your life? The shortest way to laugh and maintain a positive attitude is to do it in a group. It’s a known fact that human interactions improve our general state and make us forget about our troubles.

How Do You Practice It?

Laughter Yoga starts with a few relaxation exercises, in order to correct your breathing and get rid of all the accumulated stress. It is important that everyone participating in laughter sessions relaxes and detaches from outside influences, especially the negative ones. You can practice Laughter Yoga standing up, seated, on your back or on your belly that’s why it is recommended to wear a casual outfit that makes you feel comfortable.
Aside from joining Laugher Yoga groups you should try to relax and amuse yourself more in your free time also. Read a funny book or watch a comedy, smile during the day, even if you don’t always feel like it, tell funny stories and never go to bed feeling angry.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga

One of the most important benefits of this type of Yoga is that it helps people who suffer from heart diseases because the laughter works as a barrier again these diseases, relieving stress and making you happier.
Other laughter yoga benefits include memory stimulation, mind and body relaxation, increasing creativity and libido, improving your breathing capacities and stimulating abdominal muscles. Also, Laughter Yoga does wonders on human interactions, improving or strengthening friendships and making you more sociable.

There are also a few downsides to excessive laughing, and they affect people that suffer from glaucoma, abdominal hernia, women with risky pregnancies and other conditions that should be discussed with your personal doctor. But don’t let these minor downsides discourage you, laughter Yoga has a lot to offer to stressed people, from lowering blood pressure to protecting you form cancer tumors. So join a group today, or start practicing it with your friends and family and enjoy the fantastic benefits of living a happier life. Remember, you are healthier and more beautiful when you smile!