How to Stay Safe & Avoid Injuries During Yoga?

Injuries are something that are bound to happen – be it while practicing yoga or any other form of  exercise.  Although yoga is safe enough , it is still advisable to be cautious and handle it with care.  If you have had suffered an injury before on account of any accident or physical workout, this calls for added attention while devoting your time to yoga sessions as your body might be sensitive to the different yoga styles.  This is when it becomes necessary to identify which style of yoga is suitable and unsuitable according to your body sensitivity.  There might be some styles which might be too aggressive or forceful by nature.

 ‘’When we are aware of the breath, we are present and do not hurt ourselves.’’ (as stated by B.K.S. Iyengar and others).

Important tips to practice safe yoga & avoid injuries

  • Stay calm and relaxed

    Remember to stay simply relaxed. You become more prone to injuries while pushing or forcing yourself to master a particular asana or style . Keep your mind and body relaxed while focusing on getting something right rather than staying tensed.

  • Say goodbye to your ego

    Stop making comparisons with others . Observe your teacher’s examples closely.  Seek his approval in whatever step you take during a Keep your humble side to learning and seeking new wisdom, guidance and advice from your Guru. The ego often drives you to take some wrong steps which could lead to your downfall. So just let it stay aside and accept your mistakes in all humility.

  • Focus on your inner being

    One of the root causes of tension and worry is keeping out attention on the external elements which disturb the inner state of being. If you feel this happening, immediately stop and switch your focus within yourself and increase your concentration power. Concentration brings the mind to the present while distraction keeps it away and that is when we tend to become careless and susceptible to harm.

  • Follow your breath

    Just go with the flow. Let every breath that you inhale and exhale rejuvenate your senses and stay on in the present and thus stay safe.

  • Follow your body

    Your body is your seat of wisdom and knowledge. So just follow the demands of your body and restore its trust in you . Avoid letting your mind insist upon you.

  • Focus within yourself

    Keep your mind focused on what and how you feel from within. Be patient and observe how you feel from within your mind, body and soul. Experience the healing powers of feeling from deep within.

  • Observe ahimsa or nonviolence

    As per the guidelines prescribed by the Yoga Sutras, Ahimsa or nonviolence forms the first Yama. It preaches one to ‘’do no harm’’ and ‘’be kind to your body and yourself.’’

  • Follow the truth or Satya

    This is the second Yama which teaches one to be true to himself and true to the body and also to trust oneself.

Remember to always keep yourself on the safer side while you are engrossed in trying to get any poses or asanas correct.  At the end of the day , it is not just practicing yoga, but practicing it with care and compassion that  matters.


Manmohan Singh a yoga enthusiast himself. Interact with him through his website: