How to Incorporate Yoga into Your Busy Life?

Yoga has such immense benefits that once realized you would continuously want to infuse it in your daily living. And why not, yoga can be incorporated into our daily lives effortlessly. Here are three ideas on how to do just that without the need for a yoga mat.

Taking Deep Yogic Breaths

Breathing is an inevitable part of our lives, so it would not be so difficult to infuse our normal breathing with yoga. Do it every time you have the chance to – in the office, at the grocery store, in the bank, etc. Yogic breathing is not only for you, but also for those people who are around you.

Generally, taking yogic breaths soothes your nervous system and specifically, it relaxes your heart rate. As you take yogic breaths, more oxygen are carried out to your brain. The process clears the mind and the heart, leading you to think wisely and feel circumspectly. In the end, you will be more capacious and you will definitely feel better when you are back to what you are doing.

Practicing Short Meditations

Meditating calms the mind and leads to a more productive day. There are numerous meditation techniques that you may try one at a time throughout the day. Taking deep yogi breaths is actually just one technique. Other techniques that you may try are focusing on a particular mantra as well as lighting a candle. Practicing santosha is also recommended. Santosha simply refers to changing your own perspective about something. This invites peace as well as abundance in your life.

We all carry an inner dialogue with us, whether we are doing something or thinking about something. While carrying this dialogue, notice how you react with the way you think and with the things that you are thinking about. Try to focus on the subjects that make you feel you good and avoid the ones that make you feel sad or frustrated. That way you might sense which cup of tea is for you and which one is not. This will help you in your decision making. Not only will you know how to reflect on things, but also to reflect on your priorities in just five minutes or so.

Stretching for Positive Energy

Stretching brings positive energy into the body and mind. This is most useful when faced with an uncomfortable situation or when you are feeling stressed. Stretching can release the tension that your entire body is feeling. The goal is to veer away from the stress or even fear that you are feeling at the moment.

Stretching relaxes the muscles specifically when the pressure is being equally distributed in your body. There are many simple stretching techniques that do not require a yoga mat such as Sage Twist and Cow Pose, both of which can reduce or remove mental and physical fatigue. Back bending is also advisable as it stretches tired back muscles.

These are just three of the many ways to infuse yoga in your life. The goal of breathing, meditating, and stretching is clearing the heart, mind, body and soul, bringing in peace, abundance and positive energy in the process that you may use in battling stress, anxiety and fear among others.