Hot Yoga For A Better Complexion

We all want a glowing complexion, and this becomes desirous especially as we age. Instead of tired, dull skin, we want to appear youthful and energetic. One of the first places we can begin to show our age is in the face and neck. With hot yoga, you can enjoy a better complexion, and maybe even save some extra money on expensive moisturizers and spa treatments by just going to hot yoga several times a week.

Here are a few reasons why hot yoga gives you glowing that post-yoga glow:

Hot Yoga Increases Circulation

One of the best benefits of yoga, especially hot yoga, is the increase of blood flow through the entire body. Especially in particular poses like shoulderstand (sarvangasana) and fish pose (matsyasena) blood flow goes directly to the face and neck. In shoulderstand oxygen rich blood is sent to the face and the entire lymph system is given a flush, since your legs are above your heart, and the normal lymphatic flow is reversed. In fish pose, the cervical spine is tilted back so that blood can flow through the neck, and into the face and brain. These poses are especially beneficial for the skin, the eyes, the ears, and the brain. If you want to age backwards, breathe deeply when you are practicing these poses, and allow the blood flow to begin!

Hot Yoga Rids The Body Of Toxins

Another way that hot yoga helps you to have a glowing complexion is by reducing free-radicals, and other toxins that accumulate in your body. You will sweat out all the junk you put in your body, whether it is from living in a polluted geographic area or eating and drinking them. The cleaner you are, and the fewer toxins you have in your body, the more likely you will experience a reduced frequency of break-outs. Acne has no chance with such a toxin-ridding regime. You will also notice that you skin looks more vibrant and full of life, and less often dull and listless. Wrinkles are also less likely to develop, and you won’t have dark circles under your eyes as often. Reducing the body of toxins is great for all the internal organs too, but the signs definitely show up on the face.

Hot Yoga Gives You A Natural Blush

Women have been applying blush to their cheeks since well before Cleopatra’s time. Rosy cheeks are considered the ‘blush’ of good health and even of a woman who is considered sexually ‘prime.’ A flush to the cheeks insinuates youth and vitality. The warmth of a hot yoga room, usually heated to between 90 and 110 degrees, will leave a natural flush to your cheeks even once you’ve gone home and showered away the sweat. It can last for a large portion of the day, too, depending on your body type, and the climate of your home-town. Enjoy the cosmetic-free way to glowing, flushed cheeks.

Practice hot yoga with these free yoga videos.