Yoga Meditation Lifestyles for Healthy Living

Are you yearning for an efficient way to handle the demands of 21st century living? No matter what kind of job you have, family demands you face, or relationship struggles you are enduring, there is joy and light readily available in great stores when you begin to turn within. That can be easier said than done, though, in the modern world.

yoga meditation techniques for healthy livingJust our personal concerns are enough, but then there is the threat of global warming and the ever-pervasive GMO food struggle. There is the political upheaval of countries near and far, and even financial stress to cope with. In unprecedented times, we need unprecedented tools to effectively deal with these challenges. Yoga  meditation practices provide a way to not just escape reality but to confidently and blissfully change it.

YOME can be your home away from home – a respite from the weary world to recharge your batteries and give you a new, much needed perspective to face modern demands.

Why Choose Yoga Meditation for Modern Problems?

Yoga is an ancient art going back to at least the days of the Indus Valley, if not even earlier. Though archeologists argue about the true date of this civilization, dating it to at least 5000 years to 10,000 or more years from the present, the people of this time were especially skillful at developing means to raise consciousness.

As Einstein once said, ‘you can’t use the same mind to solve a problem as the one that created it,’ there is no better way to overcome modern day struggles that to change your perspective. Yoga specifically changes our physiological response. It uses methods like yoga asana (postures), breathing techniques (pranayama), mantra (the science of sound), diet (shatkarmas), mudras (gestures of both the hands and body to subtly effect the patterns of the brain), and ultimately concentration of the mind or meditation and mindfulness (dhyana and nirvana) as a means to elevate our understanding of the world.

From simple problems, like feeling more flexible and energetic in the physical body, yoga addresses our experience in the world on every other conceivable level. We learn to get strong and resilient physically, and then move into an understanding of how to do this mentally and psychologically as well. The invaluable practices of yoga, meditation are some of the most profound ways of dealing with modern day stress and global issues than any other tools known to humankind.

What Can Yoga Meditation Do for Me?

Here are just a few things you can learn about yoga and meditation:

  • How yoga changes your body’s bio-chemistry to one of greater ease and elevated mood?
  • How yoga can help turn back physiological age markers by up to ten years or more?
  • How meditation has been proven in study after study from Harvard Medical School studies to hundreds in different peer reviewed studies in India, to help with disease ranging from pain-relief for cancer patients to the dissolution of Diabetes, Echzema, Heart Disease, Arthritis and even Depression and other Psychological disorders?
  • What yoga poses to practice for different stages in your life – from pregnancy, youth, old age, when you are menstruating, when you are recovering from an injury and when you are training for peak performance in another sport?
  • How to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight with yoga and meditation?
  • How to increase your IQ with yoga and meditation?
  • How to feel stronger, more flexible and have better endurance?
  • What ancient yogic techniques are working in top Fortune Five Hundred Companies today?

No matter what lifestyle you live in the 21st century, it requires a completely innovative set of tools to accomplish peace and equanimity no matter the stresses closing in on you from the outside. Fortunately, yoga and meditation offer age-old tools that work just as well, if not better today than they did 10,000 years ago.

You can view the following videos to learn more about the history of yoga:

Are you a yoga practitioner that has already seen and felt the difference yoga and meditation have made in your life?

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