What is Hatha Yoga & Where Did It Come From?

If you think you have never heard of hatha yoga, this is because we all know and love it simply as yoga.

This form of exercise has been with us since the 15th century and was created by a man by the name of Yogi Swatmarama who was from India.  His name has, through the ages, become connected with delight and has been praised as the man that has lead many people on to the path of enhancing their mind, body and spirit. He started by writing a Sanskrit based upon his own life experiences. The Sanskrit itself contains information on chakras, kundalini, kryas, Shakti, nadis and mudras which, today encompasses the whole practice of this type of yoga.

If the phrases mentioned above appear to be nothing more than a collection of words you do not understand, please find below a list of  explanations:

  • Chakras – This is how you learn to center your energy
  • Kundalini – This is based around muscle force
  • Kryas – This helps you master the kundalini technique
  • Shakti – The force which is sacred
  • Nadis – These are the channels
  • Mudras – These are gestures which are symbolic and is similar to those practiced in T’ai Chi

Hatha Yoga & Self Improvement

When practicing hatha yoga, you will learn about the “sun signs” or “asanas”. When learning this, your yoga teacher will show you how to focus when it comes to mental concentration; in doing this you will experience strength and a sense of physical balance which is essential when looking for the perfect stability when it comes to body and mind. If you have the right teacher and are serious about this form of yoga, chat to them about your diet.  This is also essential to you not only improving when practicing but will also help you create a healthier life style.

Recommended video for practicing.

The Benefits Of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is well known for its ability to calm the mind as well as improve your health, both on the inside and on the outside. The world we live in today is incredibly stressful and, for most of us, fast paced.  In time, this can take its toll on you.  Practicing this form of yoga will enable you to not only get fit but also will allow you to create a sense of harmony between mind and body.  In doing this, you will not feel as stressed as you once did and you will also find that the smaller things in life that tend to bug will not anymore.

Meditation is a way that many people find peace when they are going through a stressful time or are have a lifestyle that means they are constantly on the go.  This form of yoga will teach you how to effectively practice meditation, thereby, creating the ideal mental environment for you to relax.

When To Start Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga can benefit people of all ages and it really does not matter when you decide to start on the road for a healthier and happier lifestyle.  However, bear this in mind; if you have children and are conscious about their health then starting them with classes of this type of yoga at a young age is important. We are all aware of how inactive children have become in this day and age and this is largely due to the technology that is available.

If you have your children enrolled in classes from an early age, they will not only learn very quickly how to keep fit both in body and mind but it will also teach them how to look after their health as part of their everyday life. The other benefit to starting early is that the body is incredibly suppler than it is when you get older so the positions involved with yoga will be less of a challenge.