A Great Guide To Online Yoga Sources

There are a lot of great places to gather information regarding yoga. Along with periodicals, the internet has online yoga sourcesbecome a great source for yogis from all walks of life to find up to date information. Below are a few reviews of some top rates online yoga sources to help you further your yoga learning.

Top 3 Yoga Web Sites


This site has it all. You can join an online community to share your thoughts and experiences with fellow yogis, purchase great yoga wear or other props from their online store, or just browse through their extensive back of information to gain more insight into the art of yoga. The site is beautifully laid and easy to navigate.


Yoga journal is one of the top sites on the internet. Not only can you find an extensive amount of in-depth and information, but you can also subscribe to the actual magazine that can be delivered to your home or office. On the site, you can find detailed pictures and instructions of over 100 different yoga poses. You can link to blogs, watch yoga videos and even locate a local Ashram or studio in your area.


abc-of-yoga.com can give yoga journal a run for its money in terms of pure amounts of great information. There is a forum to join as well as information relating to great yoga retreats, classes and specific style information. The site has a easy to understand layout that is highly user friendly.

Top Yoga Blogs

The Yoga Lunch Box

is a great place to find lots of fresh information from all over the internet.  There are articles sourced from several reputable sites as well as the latest up date happenings in the yoga world.

ShantiTownBlog By Lia Aprille

This yogi is dedicated to offering readers deep insight into many aspects of yoga. The articles are written in a lighthearted fashion which helps connect students of yoga with their inner self. Some of the more popular topics in her blog are:

Learning to Soften– a look in to mentally relaxing yourself for your yoga class.

This Space I Take– the relation of yoga students and how their place in the world.

Hello, Pelvis – an explanatory look at proper positioning.


Top 4 Yoga Magazines

Fit Yoga Magazine

This is a periodical that is geared towards the modern crowd. It offers a lot of advice on how to use yoga to unwind and change your outlook in the daily grind of your life.

Himalayan’s Yoga Plus

This magazine printed by the Himalayan institute is one in a line of popular yoga periodicals offered by this group. You will find great tips on choosing quality yoga mats, clothing and improving your ansas. This is a perfect change from the usual overly commercial athletic magazines.

Om Yoga

Om Yoga publication is as pleasing to read s the title sounds. It offers insight into every aspect of yoga and each form of its practice. You can find guides for new yoga students, tips on selecting a local studio or even thoughts and meditations from experienced yogis. The pictures are printed in vivid colors and the articles are written in ways that draw you in as a reader with out being over technical.

Yoga Journal

Similar to its online publication, Yoga Journal is a vastly populated with blurbs and guides about yoga, retreats, medical remedies and other aspects of yoga. If you don’t fancy going online, this can be delivered to your door at an affordable rate without any lack of content compared to the online version.