Where To Find Great Yoga Wear?

Yoga is a great way to get in shape as well a great way to relax your mind, body and spirit. Of course, to attain true peace of mind, you have to be comfortable. One of the hardest things to do when embarking on a new fitness class, be it an aerobics class or yoga, is to find the proper clothing. There are a few high quality retailers for great yoga wear. Here is a review of a few of them:

yoga wear- half lord of the fishes pose

Omgirl Yoga Wear

This brand is great for new yoga students and veteran yogis. The yoga wear by Omgirl is specifically tailored to the female body for the
practice of yoga. The fabric is comfortable, breathable and cool. Along with these qualities, the clothing glides over the skins smoothly regardless of the complexity of the pose. It’s as close as you can get to wearing nothing while performing yoga. The company started in 1998 as an eco friendly option for highly conscious yoga students. The company promises it clothing is made with the minimum of carbon footprints. This not only helps you lead a healthy lifestyle, but also supports the planet.

Athleta Yoga Wear

This company is gaining a great following for providing a great assortment of athletic and yoga wear that not only looks good, but also stays in place while being worn. The yoga wear is perfectly stitched for each form of yoga, but attractive enough to wear outside of the yoga studio.  The stores are truly full service offering on site alterations. The clothing is all designed for women by women; this has the proven effect of producing high quality yoga wear that makes sense. There are a lot of print and bold colors in their regular line up, so I you are tired of simple black yoga wear; this would be a great stop place for you to drop by.

Lululemon Yoga Wear

Although this company is steeped in constant controversy, it offers a large selection of great yoga wear for men and women. Along with yoga wear, they also offer clothing for running, dance and other athletic pursuits. The styles offered are conservative without being old fashioned. Each of their stores also has a weekly yoga class taught by a local trained and licensed yoga teacher at no cost. While you can’t buy their clothing online, they do have stores in four different countries.  For yoga wear, most people will tell you that Lululemon is the first choice out of all the options available.

Prana Yoga Wear

Prana yoga wear is highly fashionable while maintaining the ability to provide ample comfort and function. This brand caters to mostly students of yoga and Pilates. The clothing itself is specifically engineered to add to your yoga session in positive ways. The poses in yoga require the freedom to stretch, bend and twist. Keeping that in mind, the clothing has been designed to allow maximum freedom of movement. The clothing made for women are sewn from the highest quality of fabric. Its organic cotton and trademark technology allows for intense moisture management where and when women need it most.  The men’s wear also made with high quality fabric with dry-tech to help target common problem areas on the male body.

Choosing Your Yoga Wear

These are only a few of the top choices for yoga wear. Most of the options listed are in the mid to high range. There are also other great options that are more affordable. Nike and Addidas each have a line of athletic wear specifically for yoga and other movements training sports.