Fertility Yoga: Getting Pregnant

Fertility yoga prepares a woman’s body for pregnancy or assists a woman to get pregnant.

Most people make an assumption that yoga is solely for losing weight and staying trim. Yet, not all people are aware of the other benefits of yoga other than toning and flexibility. Among the subtle boons of yoga is increasing the natural capability of a woman to bear life. In the UK alone, there were 8,147 women who underwent IVF treatment in 2011 and only 2% of these babies were successfully conceived (1). With both genetics and environment as factors for infertility, it seems that many women are struggling to conceive. To deter the ill-effects of drugs, many mothers turn into alternative treatments such as yoga.

The Role of Stress in Infertility

In the world we live in, people these days are more vulnerable to stress – career, jobs, personal relationships. In addition to this, it appears that there is a burgeoning number of women who struggle to get pregnant naturally. As a result of infertility problem, many mothers experience chronic stress. Stress is a potential threat as it can lead to a number of health ailments. It can wreck havoc on body, change mood and depress the immune system. In this case, yoga not only increases blood flow and strengthens pelvic region but also addresses the root cause of stress.

Introducing Fertility Yoga

Study shows that persistent yoga sessions benefit all body functions including the reproductive system. A coined term called Fertility Yoga is a type of yoga which aims to increase energy flow into the reproductive system and endocrine system — the seat of hormones.

The benefits of yoga on pregnant mothers are explainable. Yoga involves a lot of stretching poses and exercises, thus strengthening reproductive muscles and organs which play a major role both in pregnancy and delivery. Fertility yoga is gentle and not demanding. An example of fertility yoga is Hatha which is slow-pacing. Mothers who attempt to conceive should avoid heated yoga or the Bikram as there are very demanding yoga types.

The following are the basic fertility yoga poses:

  • The supported head stand. The most challenging pose yet provides the most advantage (just avoid this pose when menstruating).
  • The supported shoulder stand. This yoga pose focuses on uterus and makes the pelvic region relaxed.
  • The supported bridge pose. A yoga pose that greatly relies on the buttock muscles.
  • The butterfly bound angle pose. A seated posture stimulating the pelvic region.
  • The cobra. This yoga pose is beneficial to pelvic area stimulating the uterus and ovaries, in particular.

Benefits of Yoga Fertility

Yoga not only addresses the problem on infertility but it also facilitates smooth pregnancy and lessens the risk of birth complications. In a clinical trial conducted in India, which tests the efficiency of yoga postures on pregnancy, revealed that women who attended yoga practices throughout the pregnancy period have improved birth weight, reduced preterm labor and averted delivery complications. It also disclosed that no adverse effects were noted among the subjects all throughout the study (2).

It should be mentioned that yoga should only be used in adjunct with other treatments and not as a solitary treatment for fertility.

Free yoga videos for managing infertility.


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